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    Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Its been along haul since i sold the old rig back in March but i can see light at the end of the tunnel, thinking i'll be back on the water by the end of October. Starting to come together in the shed at Riptide and getting into the fun bits now! Main specs

    Hard top cuddy full glass with sliders
    6.5 point of sheets to transom
    2.48 max beam
    20 degree to the inside of 150 reverse chine
    225 4.2 yammy
    350 litres & 50 litres of water
    120 litre underfloor fishbox
    Centrre line of bunk 1800mm
    Full garmin stack (2*7410's, fantom 18 radar and reactor a/p, hw175 and m series tilt through hull trannies)
    Zipwake trim system
    50 litre waeco on slide
    Riptide alloy trailer

    Thankyou to all those ausfisho's who have been generous with their info and advice along the way, thanks fellas, and more questions to come. I'll add some more pics as stuff continues to happen. Very exciting!!!


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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Exciting time Out Station. I remember the anticipation when at that same stage.
    Are you going hatches in the hardtop or wipers? Also are you lining the underside of the hardtop? Just a couple of points when I built. I put hatches in the roof and have not used them once, I also found them to be a bit ordinary for letting the sun/heat in when travelling for a while. I found on the odd flat day the sliders to be enough. Also on the hardtop lining, Dave lined mine with composite panel which was sikaíd up. Looks awesome,however, I just had to destroy it to change an antenna cable. I have used composite panel again but this time screwed it up so I can remove it.
    I would recommend wipers. I didnít and I wish I had of. If itís ugly and you are trimmed well in, the screen cops a lot of water. Rainex works for a while but on an extended trip it is not enough.
    Keep the pics and reports coming. We all love to reminisce


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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    I have Bomar hatches on my hard top. I had a signwriter cover them in 100% blockout white vinyl to match the white everywhere else. I use them a lot and would definately get some.

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Boat porn, you canít beat it.
    Please keep the pictures coming as the build continues .

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    +1for the Bomar hatches. Using them a lot, even in winter in the tropics. And the wipers--they didn't work too well to start, as the curve of the blade mounts was wrong and only the ends were touching. Just a quick bend either side of the attachment point with thumb and forefinger, great. Another thing I wouldn't be without on a hardtop.

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Cabs on, dash next, fiddly bits and the trailer after that.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    56099467159__5C999A34-0CA5-4939-8CB7-64FEF89CB0F3 (002).jpgIMG_1934.jpg

    Looking forward to getting iy home sometime next week once the trailer is finished and the glass is in. I'll fit all the appliances in my shed and then off to the electrical fitter afret that to do cableing and terminations.

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    That hardtop won't wobble!
    How long is it?
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Looking good mate.
    Did you keep your high speed winch off the old boat, or are you going to his a new one?


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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Evening all, bit of an update, got it home into my shed friday week ago, spent last week putting the majority of the devices and hardware in. Dropped it back in Brissy this morning to ADL to do the cabling, network and terminations. Booked in at Wynum for some horses today week and thne home for the finals (floors etc) after that. Should be on the water by the end of November all going well hopefully. So keen to get it in the drink and see how it performs.

    Chimo, 6.5 from motor plate to point of sheets, 2.48 beam.
    Rob, I kepth the old one and rebuilt it onto a new winch on the 10:1 shaft versus the old one being on the 5. If it doesnt cut it ill get one of those Runva 4wd competion jobies.

    Ill post a pis or 2 when my internet comes good


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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape


    Couple shots from last weekend, i'm picking it up from ADL tomorrow so electrics pretty much done now.

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    aahhh sweet boat porn

    love the transom hatches and double side pockets ,,, smashin the fishing layout well done

    any thought of spotlockin? bit pricey but those who have dont seem to have any regrets.


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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    BigE, nah, only spotlockin for me will be with a sarca 3 on freefall!! I've gone pretty hard on the spec and you gotta stop somewhere. Picked it up today, ADL did a nice tidy job on the elctrical so that was great, back to brissy on monday moring for the 4.2 yammy and home after that, couple of weekends work in the shed and i should be good to go.

    Yep, i think the layout should be good, been trying to store stuff close to where you use it hence all the transom cabbinets and shelves. I've got a 120L fisfhbox under the floor running up between the seats so plan is to leave the above deck box at home for the familly trips.Got a bait cooler under the bait board, filling in that space under the bait board and making use of it was a good move i think, also allowed me to lower the baitboard height to a standard kitchen bench height since i didnt need to have clearance for a hatch lid on the gunnel. Havent got it done yet but i'll get dave to make me a second centre cabbinet door that has a full length ub incorporated onto the front of it as an above deck kill tank, drain it out beside the scuppers through a tap on the bottom of the tub, flush it out with the deck wash.

    To many ideas, i gotta stop thinking and go fishing as i'll send myself broke!

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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    Evening all, a few pice of the finehed product, pretty much all done now, just the hull liner upholsterey stuff to do. Gave her a few runs down at South West Rocks over xmas, seems to go great, 4.2 yammy is a weapon, think i may give it a go one hole up for the sake of fine tuning. All in all really happy with it and as always Dave and team Riptide have been awsome.


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    Re: Riptide No.2 takeing shape

    great effort, looks a serious machine, like the name of the boat too, whats the flooring?, looks a cork/synthetic material .

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