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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    I have no need to block you
    If I block you, I can't call you out for what you are and what your doin.
    Just grow up and let the bloke do what he's doing.
    If you don't like "insults" then don't throw them out there.

    I'm not interested in reading your personal messages either Pal, play it out on here if you want too.
    FFS, just stay off Gazza's thread if you have that much hate towards the fella, your making an absolute dick of your self.
    Let Gazza learn from his mistakes, be it successful or not, He ain't perfect, by a long stretch, but neither are any of us. The bloke gives it a red hot go, whether it's the right way of doing things, or not, that's not for us to sit behind a computer and take cheap shots at.
    My grandfather told me once, Everyone's sh@te stinks, but there's some out there that believe there's doesn't !!!.

    Just sayin Bud.


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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Hey guys taking a bit longer than expected to swap over the powerhead the other day i grabbed the air hose out of the shed leading to the air compressor and the PVC hose snapped in 3 locations and was to short to bodge to reach the outboard than i had a major crap fight with the hose fitting it was just a frustrating time compressor was playing up i only today got the compressor and hose sorted so now i can vacuum blast out the broken engine pieces from the sump, my cousin has been a little busy too he was planning on coming over sat than sun but no availability understandable when u have 8 kids

    i did have a chance to use the compressor before the hose snapped i picked up a Ryobi pneumatic air die grinder and had a whizz at the starter worked great but not the prettiest thing because i welded from the outside to the inside it looks like shit i can do a final weld and touch it up but i think it will do as is its only for a compression test and possible initial starting of the engine

    still need to weld the other side and die grind it back too so more pics... will try get everything organised to do the powerhead as soon as i can i know it is dragging out but nothing is panning out

    strangely enough there wasanother guy online seeing my starter motor rebuild and said he may have a starter to fit but needed both my leg and powerhead serial number why on earth are they following me around the internet? every tom, dick and harry wants my serial numbers its really pissing me off

    Old trick with the serial numbers Gaz. That block will never be seen again or the serial number. Perfect numbers for stolen engines. I've heard of a lot of people, when I was in Victoria, and mostly 351 fords. They would have an old engine block, steal a car and change the engine number. Job done.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Steve i donno why but i always give u a 2nd 3rd 4th chance and unblock you than u just say the same shit again to go back on block

    Chris and Gon i am thinking along the lines someone out there may think my engine is stolen maybe because of the price i paid for it? maybe they have had one nicked like it? I'm not to sure... these engines are not always available i have only found a few for sale over the 10 months i've had it, the price i paid for the engine was ridiculously cheap i think it was like $1000 but i only paid $1500 for the Etec from a Evinrude Dealer too, would just like the people to go away and nag someone else

    my cousin said he will come over this afternoon to help put the powerhead on so thats a positive for today

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