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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Hey Noel its suppose to be a Honda BF90 2006 model i got it for $1000 old mate that is selling it was not happy with its performance on Sydney Harbour in July so repowered, in saying 2006 it could be anything from 1995 thru to 2006 people often cannot work out what year model they have so they just rough guess and ball a year

    it comes with gauges but the seller had sold the forward controls and he was honest and said it has a leaky thermostat cover he tried to fix it with silicone

    has cowling but not pictured, XL shaft just exactly what i needed
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Got the Etec home this afternoon i got dicked on the deal the shop swapped the propeller over they took the stainless prop off and put a cheap nasty beat u aluminium prop on it also it was on the pallet ready to go with the cowling on when i got home i took the cowling off to put the engine on the stand and there is a big "B" on the EMM hopefully he didn't swap the EMM to with a bad one
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Give them a call and ask what's going on? if you saw it with a stainless prop, then that's how you should have got it, don't know about the B, did you notice it before? if the dealer is half reputable, they should give you what you paid for.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    All good my mistake i thought this one had the SS prop i just checked it were the other two Mercury and Honda i was looking at that had the SS prop could swear this had one yesterday tho I'm losing my s...! old age dementia

    the emm looks like it could be a 9 or a b i will try connect some power tomorrow and see if the emm powers up fingers crossed

    after trying to lift this bad boy onto the stand and my cousin is 6 foot+ i am 100% not going with a pod it would rip the ass end out of the boat just from the weight i reckon the pod would be structurally sound just the amount of leverage on the transom i think it would tear off just towing it to the river

    i will keep the forward control for now but sell later to fund new dash mount controls, came with I-Command gauge and GPS but no tacho and no power cables
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    From my observation it threw a rod on starboard top piston its detached from the crankshaft, those holes in the piston could be the conrod bolts, there are shavings inside the port on the top STB cylinder and there are small chunks of metal on the bottom STB piston too

    notice how clean the lower cylinder head is half of it is aluminium colour i think it started to run lean WOT until it chucked the rod
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Looks like a pretty serious event when it let go, is the bottom end OK?

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Noel I'm not actually sure where the metal is coming from yet as the top cylinder is the detached rod and there is metal on the bottom piston i have never worked on a E-Tec before but could the cylinders possibly be linked by the exhaust ports and metal has worked its way from the top to bottom cylinder? if this is the case it may only be those two cylinders however if they are are throwing metal around this will be a serious rebuild

    possibly looking at
    4 new pistons
    at lease 1 rod
    all new crank and journal bearings
    possibly need one new sleeve fitted if the rod snapped

    still be worth a rebuild i looked on Gumtree last night and there were only two of these engines for sale $9000 and $9500

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Ahh ok those two holes in the piston i reckon old mate in the marine shop drilled those holes to try and pull the piston out with a bolt or a blind bearing puller so i may need a new cylinder sleeve too

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Can you re sleeve them? the piston must be stuck to the bore pretty good? also might explain were the metal shavings came from?

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Wait for it Noel... haha this thing absolutely smashed to pieces, i am very surprised and i credit with that extent of damage can u believe the little end and big end bearings still spin freely and smoothly HF! that is unbelievable that those bearings can withstand this kind of punishment and exerted forces as that piston smashed to pieces

    cause of fail? i reckon under propping, over revving BOOM!

    bottom end in that one cylinder is totally filled with chunks of piston and a small amount of casing, the cylinder sleeve has been smashed a big gaping hole thru the lower portion, the blind crankcase took a hit u can see the hole, the conrod absolutely twisted like crazy look at the top of it

    my phone went flat its on charge now i will try get some scope pictures of deep down inside the bottom end

    can not get my head around those E-Tec bearings tho!!! holy crappers on every engine i have rebuilt the top end needle bearings are what go first but on this E-Tec they are totally fine and spin effortlessly and smoothly

    the top end of the crankcase has some scratching where the sleeve had given way and the flying bits of alloy were getting tossed about that will need to be welded and machined while the sleeve is out, the hole in the blind section of the casing will need welding and machining so far the top end looks rebuildable but not sure about the bottom end yet or the crankshaft journals on that particular cylinder

    these first 4 pictures is the piston from the effected cylinder
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Here are the crankcase pictures
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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    how can a engine with a rev limiter over rev

    it will be lack of lubrication or injector failure

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Over revving is just my opinion Steve, lack of oil would have starved the bearings i would think, i seen this exact same problem on my DRZ400E the last owner was doing a burn out on the bitumen like a silly kid and the rod let go exactly the same it obliterated the engine exactly like this E-Tec

    There was no piston melting or cylinder wall scoring to suggest a top end lean seizure, it may have been over heated but you'd think the overheat alarm would sound and some sort of reduced throttle would kick in

    The piston pin is likely to be bent so i will put it into the hydraulic press tomorrow and press the pin out and take a look at those marvelous bearings haha i will take pictures

    so far the list is growing of what needs repairing

    crankcase welding
    possibly crank journal welded and machined
    while the cases are being welded, machined and new sleeve install i will ask to have it pressure washed and blown out to get all the tiny micro bits of alloy out

    still don't know how aluminium made it into that lower cylinder i won't know until i tear her down

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    wow amazing insight, very interesting, those pistons are bigger than i imagined, arent these motors very torquey, only two pistons is that right?

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Hey Cat this is the V4 Etec (4 cylinder)

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