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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Yamaha are renowned to be the best out there but i personally think all the late models are level they are all the latest technology, i reckon the E-Tec's only have people talking crap about them is because of something they heard 5th 6th 7th hand of Joes twin E-Tec's blowing up 2mins a part 300nm out to sea lol the thing about the E-Tec is its a 2 stroke a lot of people see 2 stroke as old technology and outdated they most likely grew up as kids 30-40-50 years ago and remember going out on pop's cruiser with a huge stinky 200hp that made them sick

    These days the high tech 2 strokes really are that they have come a long way and are technical pieces of machinery the thing is they came in leeps and bounds it wasnt a gradually thing for them coming to the market, i don't know much about the Opti-max but i have followed the Evinrudes from the beginning because i had always owned old Evinrude outboards, they had the old school 2 stroke carbies than they went to DI FICHT than quickly moved onto the E-Tec's so fast Australia was way behind in repairing such technology the American's were repairing EMM (E-Tec Computers) for about a decade before they started to service the world and to today we still don't thati know of have a a repair company in Aus its toss it out and buy a new one...

    its been a long time since i went into the E-Tec diagnostics program but the amount of settings and controls u had over the outboard was impressive back in the old carby days it was tweek this here and there but today its all computerized specialized equipment a lot of the how to's have leaked out and your average person can now change the settings of the outboard

    mechanically there isn't much to a Evinrude E-Tec its a basic block like the old school 2 strokes where it gets technical is there is a crap load of wiring added to control all the injection system and computer i know i am going to struggle with the wire harness going back on so i tried to leave as much stuff connected and in big pieces so its less work and less memory needed however the shop i bought it from had already removed the coil plugs without labeling so i don't know which goes where

    there is a exhaust valve in the leg also that suppose to seize up and u have to buy a whole leg i am hopping i can free it up if mine is stuck, it's the valve that opens at 4000rpm for a 10hp boost that kicks in kind of like a power valve on motorcycle engines or like a Japanese car when u get the rpm up to 3500-4000rpm and u feel the real power kicking in kind of the same thing

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    you will never have a issue selling a boat with a yamaha four stroke on the back, i guarantee if you had 5 boats all with same hp but different brands the Yamaha would sell first

    all the fancy stuff on etecs is too minimise the amount of oil needed to keep it alive so it passes the new emissions standards
    fact i have seen 4 etecs with gear cases absolutely destroyed on bass boats never seen another brand with just a empty gear case attached to the leg

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Catshark, in that test, how were they propped? How deep did they have the motors? So much you could do in that test to skew the results in your favour, that and the planing on one motor test I saw in another one.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    That old advertising video has been around for ages, they just update it now and then, of course an advertising video is going to show the result to suit the brand paying, anyone could make one the same and reverse the result, it's advertising, that's how it works.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    I went over to see the crank specialist he said he doesnt do blocks and he could only give advice on the crank he said the crank doesnt look to bad it may only need a polish but i need to measure the journals i will do that today, he looked at the conrod and said it over heated

    He said if my crank is worn past its limit it will need to be welded than machined back to size

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Not common for roller bearing cranks to be bad unless it's obviously been cooked, first signs are colour, and roller imprints in the surface, the one at Arizona is starting to look attractive.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Noel that is what i'm seeing on the broken conrod the lines from the needle bearings in the top end, the bottom end looked ok but one of the other cylinders bottom end bearings where showing colour

    I'm not to sure about the AO one Noel my cousin seems to think its strait off a engine they have gotten than cleaned it up and are saying its rebuilt, i have been to that wreckers in person before a couple of times but never past the counter so don't know if they do work on engines or just wreck them

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Fair call ... advertising is a form of fake news, to spin something in their favour.....granted and do agree that yammies are the most popular.

    post #136 good info and insight.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Just measured the crankshaft journals as follows

    Rod Journals: 34.94-34.96mm
    Main Journals:55.55-55.56mm

    My Readings as Follows
    (using vainer calipers not a micrometer)

    going from flywheel down
    1st rod journal 34.95mm
    2nd rod journal 34.94mm
    3rd rod journal 34.96mm
    4th rod journal 34.95mm

    Main Journal
    Middle: 55.54mm (Needs to be welded and machined)
    Top: 55.53mm (Needs to be welded and machined)

    i will buy a micrometer and do further testing before taking the crank into a shop i will call around tomorrow for prices on welding the crank

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Look to be the same crank dimensions as the earlier V4s.
    1988 Model here.
    Are you sure the crank needs welding?

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    It's a bit different Fed mine has the top and middle crank journal the same size and bottom journal is smaller, rods are the same tho

    i don't know if to go see another shop about the crank and take my spec's with me or just go buy a micrometer for $50 and decide that my self

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Picked up the micrometer late this afternoon chucked it on the rod journals because i bought a too small of a gauge only bought the 25-50mm model but i would have needed the 50-75mm model too so i will head back when i get a chance

    i checked the rod journals on 2 positions each and got


    my tool reads 360 degrees in 0-45,0-45 so not 100% sure how to read it yet i will read the instructions

    just read the instructions i was .50mm out

    those numbers read


    all in millimeters

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Seems like they are within spec.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Yeah that's the good new Noel now i just need the bigger micrometer to check the main journals, these micrometers i have wanted for a while but they are not cheap between $50-$100 each piece, previously i have dropped cranks into the shop to get old mate to measure them and machine but i decided i needed them now, still need to get a set of bore gauges but when i get that cylinder re-sleeved i'll take the specs in with me

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Got a reply by Paul English Engineering in VIC said they no longer weld cranks, and yesterday while trying to check the water pump impeller i realized i bought a engine with a left hand propeller so its likely my E-Tec came from a twin engine boat and is likely to have a ton of hours, my diagnostic cable should be here any day to check hours

    couldn't check the water pump the leg weighed an absolute ton to lift by my self

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