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    E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    maybe be getting a bit a head of my self but some luck is going my way and i may try to snag a good used outboard for my Baron, budget will be $5000 i aint rich so it is a lot of money i need to make a good choice and only once

    looking at possibly E-Tec or Optimax's on the internet which one of the two would u prefer? around the 2005-2007 year range 115hp possibly 130hp need to keep it 4 cylinder for a lighter transom weight so no 150's or bigger

    do u think there will be cheaper deals in coming months or harder to source? if i can find a cheaper engine means i can buy the pod instead o building one saves time possibly a month or two

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Case by case basis Gazza. Cheap engines are always a gamble regardless of brand.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Scottar would u say one is better than the other? I'm looking for better fuel economy than 1km to 1L of fuel have seen the etec go pretty good roughly 2-2.5km 1L i would be happy with those figures on the Baron but how do the opti's go?

    weight would be another thing i need to look into how heavy the 00 era etec and opti's weigh

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    i believe their is a deadline early next year when dealers wont be able to sell two strokes, New ones i mean, and allthough your budget might be a little shy for a new one , i believe there might a be rush to sell good quality used twostrokes as well, so a bargain or two might present. Also a good time to scope out boat yards to secure a good two stroke that someone has traded up for a fourstroke. l believe fourstrokes are still a bit pricey for the extra weight/power output but consider a mercury for the simplicity to work on and cheaper and more common parts available, plus more mechanics know them .

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Opti's are good on fuel but like all engines have their little issues that seem to regularly pop up but not necessarily on every motor - do your research but also bare in mind that brand specific forums concentrate issues on the whole making things potentially look worse than they are . Biggest part of which engine is going to be best will be how well either one has been looked after and what sort of relationship you have with your mechanic (if you use one). I'm getting those sort of fuel numbers (1:1) on a 6 metre glass rig with a 200 big block (3.3 litre V6) E-Tec so a smaller engine on a lighter boat should be better. Good source of info on E-Tec's

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    E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    On my boat similar to Scottarís Iíve had a DF140, F225 yammy both 4 strokes and now a 175 Etec.

    DF was good but a little lacking in power for the job. Good on fuel about 1nm per litre top speed 34 knots.

    F225 was fun but a bit heavy and not as good on fuel about .7-.8nm per litre top speed 43 knots.

    175 Etec is bloody good. Better balanced and .8-.9 nm per litre top speed 40 knots.

    Previous boat (5.8m plate) had a 175 Opti and I loved it. 500 hours without fault. Fuel was the same as the current etec at .8-.9nm per litre top speed 38 knots.

    Prior to that I had a 90 Opti on a 5m tinny. Another great motor canít recall figures but it was a good motor. 70,90,115 Opti used to weigh the same.

    I love boating I donít care what colour or what type of engine I have but so far clean tech 2 strokes have been my fav engines.

    Buying used is risky but can pay off. Do your research and try to best ascertain the history of the motor. Keep fuel clean and water free no matter what you go with.

    Good luck.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Saw this one on the book face today. Should be able to do what your thinking for the 5k you mentioned.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    If looking at DFI 2 stroke, have you also considered Tohatsu TLDI?
    Might be hamstrung somewhat by horsepower, as I recall was limited to 115 in that era, but my experience with a 90 was impeccable.
    Can't quote numbers like those above but on a 5m plate boat, I was more than happy with fuel burn & reliability.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Thanks guys i have been looking into the E-Tec's and the Opti's the only problems i am seeing with the etec is the fuel injectors go unannounced and take out a cylinder can etecs be bored and honed? can the crankshaft journals be spray welded?

    a bit sketchy but i would also consider a etec that has a bad injector and do a full rebuild there is one on the internet but i know nothing about etecs and what i will have to pay a shop to do computer wise this would probably be a better option so i know i have zero hours but the overall cost will not be known and i may blow that 5k budget

    the opti's i have read have gearbox problems they are a bit harder to find in a XL shaft but are still on the list to check out

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    What is the difference between 90hp and 115hp besides 25hp looking at a Honda 90hp 00 era, my boat calculations according to the US Coast Guard is rated for 122hp from memory, i want something that i can back off the throttle but i dont want a slug or over power it plus i need to keep transom weight in check

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Wouldn't even consider a home rebuild on an etec, or an Opti either for that matter.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range


    May I suggest you identify a marine mechanic who you would be happy to have service your older motor and then ask him to find one for you that he will be happy to work in the future.

    Older motors are reasonable to get serviced, I know as I have two 115 HP old techs and even though its claimed they use more fuel I suggest you save quite a lot of money in servicing to balance fuel.inputs

    Same as my diesel 4.2 turbo; I would not even bother or attempt to service it when the skill and experience of a specialist runs rings around the average mug.. Ditto for outboards, even old ones.
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    Yeah thanks i wasn't to sure about the etec or opti rebuild as i know they need to be hooked up to a laptop and adjusted, a few years back i rebuilt a mercury 25hp 4 stroke so very capable of rebuilding the carb honda 90hp seems running engines hold a lot of value when they are 4 strokes those old honda 90-130hp's still sell for $6000 and they are pre 2006 a blown up one only sells for $1000-$1500, $4500 for a rebuild i think i could see the better end of the deal being some cash in my pocket and a brand new overhauled engine

    i have been looking more into the etecs seems when the older models 2007 were new they didn't last very long lots o reports of blown powerheads, haven't looked to much into the opti's

    old school is on the verge of being a Chrysler i think so i really don't want a 2 stroke carb model they are a lot less desirable if i need to sell it to upgrade or downgrade in HP plus choking on the burning oil fumes

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    I think I would just sit back and keep an eye out, buying "blown" motors can be OK, but, on modern types it's a gamble at best, parts are very expensive, and some are not really made to be rebuilt financially, something will come up if you keep your eyes open.

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    Re: E-Tec, Optimax, 4 Stroke? Looking at 115hp range

    I think you should just sit tight till a good deal/motor comes along. Rebuilds are just a problem looking for a place to happen.
    At $5000, you will have a good choice of donks. My experience is that a 90 etec will be as good as a 115 4 stroke in the era you will be looking at. Going from 90 to 115 you will only lose a bit of top end. The real difference comes at 150, then its a big step up. If i was in your shoes, i would go for what ever is in best condition.

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