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    mate and myself are heading up to Lucinda late October for a fortnight with my 4-8 metre savage ranger/70hp
    would anyone be able to give us any information on the following...
    would prawns and squid be there at this time of year?
    would mackeral still be around?
    any tips or information on fishing up there, we will try to get to do some reef fishing weather permitting
    thanks in advance for anyone who can give any information and help make it a great fishing holiday

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    Re: Lucinda

    Hey mate,
    I'm based in Townsville these days but grew up in Ingham so have spent a lot of time out of Lucinda.
    Prawns - not much help to you there as I've never chased them.

    Squid - they are around pretty much all year round best way to catch them is by light and scoop at night, any of the rocky headlands, inshore islands and reefs will be worth having a light out if your fishing at night. they tend to be a bit harder to catch on full moon as there is a lot of light around already.

    Mackerel - Late October is a good time of year for Mack's out of Lucinda, Full moon will make things a bit hard but you do still pick up the odd fish, the pro mackerel fishos will be out in force around then and a generally a good indication of where you can find some fish just be cautious and give them a bit of room on the grounds as most of these guys run solo so makes it hard to dodge boats and fish at the same time.

    General - Fishing this time of year can be pretty good, and with the full moon and water warming up Barra and Grunter should be moving around through the Hinchinbrook channel if the weather doesn't allow you to get out to the reef. If you jag some good weather reef fishing can be pretty hot too, on the reef find a good ledge or bommie with a good show of bait and the trout wont be far behind. always worth having a floater out with a pilly on for mackerel as when they are hard to get trolling you can pick a few up this way sometimes. Take LOTS of sinkers and hooks, sharks have been prolific of late and we have been loosing a lot of gear.

    If you sent me a message when it gets closer i might be able to give you some more info on whats been happening closer to the date.

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    Re: Lucinda

    thanks for that information Nidrac
    I will message you closer to our holiday, once again thanks

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