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Thread: VHF Radio

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    VHF Radio

    Uniden MC1010 are they any good.

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    Re: VHF Radio

    No idea, always been a GME man myself

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    Re: VHF Radio

    No clue on the uniden either I know the 4wd uhfs weren’t much chop and use to fail in the work vehicles a lot! I just purchased a standard Horizon VHF and reading the specs are pretty good value for money

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    Re: VHF Radio

    Icom good brand for rec users

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    Re: VHF Radio

    Haven't had a uniden in a long time but with 25 watts it'll do what you want, just make sure you get a good aerial to go with it, not a short one as they are pretty useless.

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    Re: VHF Radio

    uniden are alright. same sort of level as GME.

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    Re: VHF Radio

    Another one here for icom,I use them in the boat and car. Matt
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    Re: VHF Radio

    I'm about to buy again. Icom likely, Standard Horizon possible. Everything else unlikely. Cheers

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