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    Tica Uzio GCB300H 7.3:1

    Found a small and reasonably priced baitcaster, a Tica GCB300H, they only distribute them in New Zealand and I got mine from Action Outdoors in NZ as they were the only ones that could get me one, all the rest of the stores were waiting till September for more stock.
    Landed it cost me AU$158 and nobody asked that I had to pay extra for the GST unless it is already included in that price. Maybe I might get an invoice in the mail later so who knows or I may have been lucky?

    Only thing that I was hesitant about getting it was that it has centrifugal brakes instead of Magnetic which I prefer but I didn't want to pay about $140 more for a Daiwa Lexa so I think that I can live with it. Out of the box, it comes standard with two blocks fitted and it has 15 spare blocks and 6 positions to put them on, a small bottle of oil and a small tool spanner, a Schematic and a thin bag to hold it.

    The specs for it are quite good, main thing that has tarnished Tica's reputation in the past was corrosion problems but most of the reviews here and elsewhere are from 10-14 years ago so hoping that those problems have been resolved now, either way they have a ten year warranty on this reel so a bit of piece of mind. Having said that the worst corrosion I have encountered were on a Daiwa ST-20 and ST-30 reels I had so neither here or there.

    Here is the advertising Blurb:

    The TiCA Uzio GCB300 RH Baitcaster Reel is a high-speed saltwater reel perfect for jigging or casting, the powerful tempered brass alloy main gear and pinion are matched to a smooth and superb carbon drag with a max setting of 15kg. There are 7 sealed, stainless RRB rust-resistant bearings plus a one-way anti-reverse roller bearing for instant hook-ups. It features a thumb bar spool release for easy casting and the spool reengages with a turn of the handle. The high-speed 7.3:1 gearing will retrieve 89 cm of line for every turn of the handle. Overruns when casting are prevented by a centrifugal cast control, plus there is a huge clicker alarm to wake you up when you're on the bite!

    Combine all this with a rigid one-piece main frame that is CNC-machined from forged bar stock aluminium, and you get the TiCA Uzio GCB300 RH Baitcaster Reel, a very durable and strong reel that will last a lifetime.

    TiCA Uzio GCB300 RH Baitcaster Reel Features:

    • Super Hi-Speed 7.3:1 retrieve of 89 cm per handle turn
    • 7 pcs stainless steel ball bearings sealed both sides with Rust Resistant coating
    • One piece precision machine cut aluminium frame
    • One-way clutch
    • High heat resistant carbon washers give smooth powerful drag
    • Forged Spool anodized to protect from corrosion
    • 6-pin centrifugal brake control system
    • Micro click adjustable star drag
    • Adjustable handle length
    • Loud line out alarm
    • Quick removable sideplate
    • High strength brass alloy main gear
    • Titanium coated line guide insert
    • EVA covered aluminum handle knob
    • Easy-open cover to maintain

    TiCA Uzio GCB300 RH Baitcaster Reel Specifications:

    • Capacity: 280m 6kg mono or 400m PE #2.0
    • Max Drag: 15kg
    • Retrieve: 7:3:1
    • 89 cm per handle turn
    • Warranty: 10 years

    I haven't tried it yet as I only got it this afternoon so will see how it casts later, not sure if I will use straight mono, or some 19kg WFT Gliss with a topshot of mono on it.

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    Re: Tica Uzio GCB300H 7.3:1 casting

    Just a quick follow up for those who might be interested in how it casts, I fitted it to a custom made 1 piece 7ft Ugly Gold Tiger stik rod with extended handle and added a 73gm star sinker to it, the reel was spooled with 150M 19Kg WTF Gliss line which filled it to about half, added a topshop of 14.6kg Trilene Sensation line to fill the spool, with the standard 2 blocks that were fitted and some tension on the spool cast control cap plus a little bit of thumb control, I managed an easy 45M. (measured) distance in the back yard without bird nesting. Couldn't give it any more grunt for casting as that would throw the sinker through trees and into the neighbours yard. So first impressions are for me are quite good. Might add a couple of more blocks to it and a bit more weight to give it a try in a park or somewhere later on.

    Joining the 19Kg Gliss line to the 14.6Kg mono was a pain in the ...e, had 6 goes with 3 different knots before I was even close to being remotely convinced that it might be a reasonable join. Might have to ditch the Gliss for standard braid as I am still not 100% convinced that the join is perfect or even if using this line is worth the effort.
    Anybody else have issues using or joining this Gliss line?

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