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    Chilly morning and whales.

    Anybody else enjoy the brisk wind chill factor this morning? Woke up, looked at the thermometer and said to the missus, no way am I getting out of bed (4.5C), so slept in and got up much later, headed off about 10:30am from Bribie Island and was frozen stiff by the time we got to Cape Morton. Hardly did any fishing as I was trying to find whales for the missus to look at. Found about 8 all up, 2 of them surfaced about 10m behind the boat when I was stationary, scared the hell out of her as she wasn't expecting them, to some nearby doing the tail slaps and some just playing around.

    Missus was stoked seeing them and it was a beautiful sunny day and pretty flat out on the water, a little bit sloppy east of the light house but overall one of the better days out there but really chilly.

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    Re: Chilly morning and whales.

    Good things come to to those who wait (for it to warm up) IMHO
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    Re: Chilly morning and whales.

    So many whales at the moment! Was anchored at the gneerings the other night and saw the white belly of a whale sliding past the boat maybe a couple of metres below the surface, was both amazing and terrifying! Then another popped up for air about 50m away, they were on a mission heading north!

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    Re: Chilly morning and whales.

    A pity some countries don't enjoy them in the same way we do.

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