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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Hi Everyone

    Hi guys, im new on here, just getting back into fishing and getting 'bitten by the bug'.

    I have my boat license and access to my father in laws 4m tin can thats only good for calm weather day time fishing and I'm fairly new to boat fishing so kind of fishing blindly at the moment. I have my own rods and tackle and I would love to learn the basics off some of you more experienced fishos. So if any of you are willing to take me out on your boat or need a regular fishing buddy on your boat im more than keen and will help with costs.
    I live in Upper Caboolture but am willing to travel from Noosa to Tweed sort of distances.
    Im also interested in LBG if theres anyone who can show me where to start there as well id be grateful.


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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forums Andrew

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Gday Gday Andrew

    Plenty of good spots in the Passage if you have a tinny. Make sure you get on line and check green zones and bag limits/ sizes.

    All the best with it and we look fwd to seeing reports on how you go.

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Thanks guys

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