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    Multi Species Estuary Night Fishing

    Heyy guys trying out a new style of video recently, more of a vlogging type thing. Lemmy know what you guys think.
    FEATURED CATCHES: Cuttlefish, Moray Eel, Yellowfin Bream, Dusky Flathead

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    Re: Multi Species Estuary Night Fishing

    "Dude he's inking" @13;48 Ha ha enjoyed the video champ, easy viewing with a chilled out tone. nice little mixed bag and refreshing to see your reactions as your clearly newbies at fishing, obivously enjoying yourselves with out a care in the world. what happened to jack at the end of the vid? looks like he got a case of camera star struck or something LOL.

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    Re: Multi Species Estuary Night Fishing

    Thanks man, love the feedback! And yeah i'm honestly not sure, he is a bit of a weird dude even of camera if i am honest.

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