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    Re: A lot of old familar names

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    I originally got on here for the fishing reports, more a habit now. Due to being banned for various reasons a lot of the originals disappeared and that part of the site has never been the same again. Mackmauler in his cylinder open tinny catching marlin, the restaurant owner's (can't remember) exploits in the bay on the massive cobia etc etc.
    Maybe it coincided with Facebook becoming a monster.
    the politics section certainly didnít help.
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    Re: A lot of old familar names


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    Re: A lot of old familar names

    Is that what a fish looks like Funchy. Its been so long since I caught one,I forgot what they look like.
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    Re: A lot of old familar names

    I still fishing
    2nd vote for more boat rebuild threads

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    Re: A lot of old familar names

    Iím back.

    Shame the whole forum scene fell apart and fragmented. FB isnít that great - canít really communicate properly with people re a certain topic. Canít search topics to find info you may read but forgotten.

    Used to be great on here - hope to get involved again

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