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    Maroochy River

    We headed up to the Maroochy River for something different. It is a location I haven’t fished for well over 20 years. First cast and we were on to a fish – a nice sized tailor. Overall it was a good trip and we got a good mixed bag of fish – tailor, tarwhine, plenty of good sized garfish, a couple of flathead and a lot of bream. For the weekend we got about 40 legal bream but only kept a few that were gut hooked. Most of the bream were around the 27 to 28 cm mark with the best only 31 cm that Eva caught. It was good to go to a new location and get a feed.

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    Re: Maroochy River

    Nice Daryl,

    maroochy has has been one of my favs for a long time. Wish they would do something with the mouth though. The tailor and Mulloway runs were so much better pre-cyclone wiping out pin cushion island.
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    Re: Maroochy River

    Thanks for sharing. Good to sea there are a few tailor about. Haven't seen a tailor this year yet, haven't been out for the last two weeks though.

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    Re: Maroochy River

    It has been a fantastic year for chopper tailor for me and the kids. We have caught them in most places we have fished from the Gold Coast to Maroochy.

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