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Thread: Reversing camera

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    Reversing camera

    Hi members. I have a 4WD Dmax dualcab styleside ute with canopy. I want to have a camera fitted to make life easier when doing a solo hook up to the dual axle boat railer, etc. I notice there is a vast variation in prices, options, quality and so on. Can anyone give me some ideas on a reasonably priced product that does the job. I'm asking because I've seen them ranging from less than $100 to quite expensive. Midrange prices are usually what I prefer if they do the job.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    I have the rear view mirror version that clips over the existing mirror and it cost $150 fitted but heaps cheaper if you do it yourself the only problem I had in my dual cab dmax was it was fairly small and you canít see the screen with polarised glasses on . I recently changed the stereo in my dmax for an alpine wireless CarPlay with reverse camera and 4 door speakers to suit and it has a great easy to see camera even with polarised glasses on but that cost 2 K installed but the sound and usability is outstanding. Matt
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    Re: Reversing camera

    I have fitted several cheaper units. All seemed to work ok. My advice would be to avoid wireless set ups, make sure you chosen camera has the clearance lines if want that feature and if looking for a neater install look at a replacement stereo if there is one to suit.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    Wired over wireless.
    And the stereo/head unit type is much better than mirror type screen.
    The placement of the camera is fairly critical if your using it to reverse up to your trailer.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    Thanks for the info. I did look at some wireless cameras so thanks again. My Dmax is a Nov. 2011 model so I don't know if there is enough area in the dash for a replacement stereo big enough to have a decent size screen. Looks like I better go aroun
    d a few businesses and have look at fitted units.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    I have a Garmin BC30 for this, connects wirelessly to my GPS.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    I struggled with wireless on my Commodore ute. ARB do a really good mirror unit. Try to mount the camera directly above your tow ball.

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    Re: Reversing camera

    I ended up going for a replacement radio,etc. I think I got a good deal. Sony 651BT system, wiring harnesses, backing fascia plate for the dash, reversing camera (wired version) and labour for all up fitting $550. It did help having a family member discount on the radio,etc.

    Thanks again to all for the advice and ideas.

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