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    Re: I need advice on some first boats I've found!

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    Pretty good value for money there, regarding the three boats under 10 k, and all three hulls are good reputation. id have any one of those in coastal offshore.
    Yea sure when new. These boats are cheap for a reason. They are old and prone to old fiberglass problems. Rotted timbers, shot motors and trailers.
    if you strike all three, it could cost you a small fortune. These boats are stricktly for very experienced buyers.

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    Re: I need advice on some first boats I've found!

    I think you’ll find the quintrex and savage examples above are not going to have too much in the way of fibreglass problems, it’s only the upper deck on the savage that’s glass from memory and I think the fishabout quintrex is all alloy. Also the 4.5m quinnie should be fine with 60hp, a new 450 is still only rated to 60. The 60 yam on the quinnie is a 2006 with 70 hrs has a good chance of being okay.

    The savage is probably okay as well, they are only little boats so 50 would probably go okay. A good look at the hulls for cracks/corrosion is warranted due to their age.

    Don’t know much about the fibreglass stejcraft although the engine is pretty new, that hull may need inspection by someone with “the knowledge”.

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    Re: I need advice on some first boats I've found!

    yes the two alloy boats would most probably be the better option regards to minimal maitenance. A decade ago i had a budget of 10 k for a second hand boat and compared to todays market , there are better options, newer models more available, meaning for todays money you should be able to buy a more reliable motor.

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