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    Re: Noisy overhead reel

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    Mate sounds like a scratchy bearing. The bearing may feel ok after cleaning but will make that noise I suggest u change the bearing/s

    Rodman. Did you read my post above yours ?

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    Re: Noisy overhead reel

    the first bearing to go is always the right main side plate bearing (aka pinion bearing). in every lever drag reel, it is always first. if you push the lever back to free and crank with a little noise and roughness, then push the lever to strike and find that the noise and roughness increase, then it is the right main side plate bearing for sure. other bearings might be bad, but you would for sure then have a bad right main side plate bearing.
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    Re: Noisy overhead reel

    We replace the bearings in our Talicas every 12 months... we also grease them... they come from the shop with oil only in them
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    Re: Noisy overhead reel

    Sent a Torsa off to Shimano yesterday as it was so noisy it was scaring the fish

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