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    Fishing the Sandgate Foreshore

    The Sandgate foreshore is not necessarily the most acclaimed place to fish, but it can yield plenty of fish if you want to put in a little effort. I had to head up that way for work and decided to make a weekend of it with the kids. There were plenty of fish around and there was no problem scratching up a mixed bag of bream, whiting and flathead. Best bream went 39 cm caught at lunch time on a Sunday. So much for always needing early starts.

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    Re: Fishing the Sandgate Foreshore

    Gday Daryl, I saw a 60cm snapper caught on that jetty 18 months ago and it was around lunchtime on a sunday too, and took my grand daughter fishing on the jetty 3 weeks ago, biggest shock was the cost of worms lol.

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    Re: Fishing the Sandgate Foreshore

    Hey Alleycat. Yes I heard about that snapper as well and have seen some videos of mullloway and threadies caught off the jetty as well.

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    Re: Fishing the Sandgate Foreshore

    You are giving up all my secret spots Daryl!

    I noticed you were doing a presentation at Sandbag recently, would have stopped in if I was in town at the time.

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    Re: Fishing the Sandgate Foreshore

    Hey Andy, Yep. I gave a presentation at Sandbag that was well received.

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