Heyy guys have recently been getting into fishing for yellowbelly. Have landed quite a few fish but all have been on baits (Prawn, worm and small live baits). Have tried lure fishing for them but have not had any luck. I have tried blades and minnow soft plastics and have got a few bass but no yellas. i mainly fish for them in creeks and small rivers with heaps of cover. What lures should i be using, how should i be using them and what kind of retrieve should i be looking for? Also how drastically will the cold affect the use of lures, as i assume they will be more sluggish should i retrieve slower? Any info helps, thanks everyone.

As an aside here is a few recent videos of some yellas i have caught. The cold have not seemed to slow them down at all as i took probably 15 fish in 4 nights.