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    Some electronics help PLEASE.

    I have a Quintrex boat that had only one battery and a four position switch, two on positions and two off positions inside the switch body there is just two poles with a holding nut, one pole had the battery positive and a small positive wire maybe two and a half to three mm in diameter. The second pole in the switch has the engine positive wire attached and another smaller positive wire maybe four to five mm attached. Okay I have installed a second battery, and bought a BEP dual battery charging square witch has a switch for the House battery, a switch for the emergency parallel, a switch for the starting battery and there is another section called the Digital VSR. okay all is good with the instructions with the BEP device. But my question is what are the existing two positive wires? Maybe the smaller positive wire is to the bilge float switch, if it is witch pole in the new switch do I connect it too? and the heavier positive wire, is that the feed to my instrument panel, radio, sounder? if thats what this wire is for I have a pole to connect it too in the new switch. Thanks John.

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    Re: Some electronics help PLEASE.

    Those are fair assumptions. Hook them up to a battery one at a time and see what works

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