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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Lol yeah BMD not for me mate that boat went to the tip there is a lot to the story
    That's a real shame gazza I was looking forward to see it get finished.

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimo View Post
    As you continue dreaming have a read of this thread off THT

    This guy is operating in a third world country much like our backyards, and you can see just what is possible.

    He has done a few boats and at present he is working on one that he has stitched two halves of the mould that were flopped of another boat. His new boat will also be longer.

    Once you start reading this stuff we probably wont hear from you for a week or two as you wont have time to post on AF.


    Thanks for that link Chimo i am scrolling thru it now interesting read

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Quote Originally Posted by Fed View Post
    That's a real shame gazza I was looking forward to see it get finished.
    Hey Fed, Mark from BMD use to have a forum dedicated to his design and builders last i stopped building than of late i went to pick back up on the design and Mark has now moved to Facebook, When u build one of his designs u have to become a member of his page on facebook and u must have Mark as a friend on your personal facebook list which is think is ridiculous as i only have family and friends i have grown up my entire life with on my facebook anyhow i made a post and tagged my cousins in it saying i would love to build a big cruiser that was neglected and rebuild it i can only imagine this is where Mark removed me from the group i ended up blocking and deleting him after it so pissed i chopped up the boat and am done with BMD

    there is more to the story from the early days 4 years ago pretty much u were a FW if u were going to source your own resin he did however set up contacts for us builders but i really wanted to go with my own resin supplier seeing as they were only 15mins away and there resin was $380 not $600, Mark was against me using my own resin and he use to call me swearing and carrying on with a "3rd person" claiming this 3rd person done what i am doing and blah blah u get the drift, in those early days i couldn't get how he would call up and use a 3rd person as an example to what your doing and swearing carrying on

    i don't know if he changed his ways lately but i am over the whole shit fight i am done with BMD that boat has gone to the tip and i am done with them, cost me over $2000 in the plans and build

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    Not exactly sure how patents go, lots of boats have been "flopped" maybe just change something a tiny bit, and it's no longer a copy? can you patent a hull? boats have been around for centuries, can you patent one?
    I was actually thinking of doing this by changing the transom layout from a basic old flat transom to a nice modern look, i really need to get the 18 footer finished and on the water before i take on another project but i would love a smaller boat in saying that a boat from scratch would be mighty impressive something i could possibly keep a while and pass on in the next generation if i have kids

    my smaller 4.5m boat would make a great hull plug but its a ready to use boat as it sits would be a mission stripping it and flipping it to use, its pictured below its wide and its deep would make a great CC
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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    interesting thread....its a wise boat that really knows where it came from originally!!I reckon getting an old hull make it good on the outside and reconfigure as you wish..then hey the way to go..anyway...I will keep reading this one see where you end up!

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    I am researching this myself. Iíve essentially drawn the boat layout as I want it but would need to contract the design of the bottom/liner/top. Anyone in QLD where you could get very large CNC machining done on a foam core?
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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Lovey u could probably save a fortune by designing and building your own top, i read the guys in the USA pay $90 per square foot for the hull CNC machining that will cost an absolute fortune here

    As for the top the gunnels are easy to make from here just install your stringers and floor than build everything on top of the floor how u plan unless u want to tie the floor into the sides and up to the gunnels? That would be a heck of a job tho

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    The liner/floor and top Iím not so worried about. Itís the hull. @$90 a square foot it may be economical to get it done in the states and shipped over to me.
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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    I believe these little beasties run 24 degrees of deadrise. I don't think you are going to design a 13 footer much closer to your original brief than one of these.
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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Quote Originally Posted by GBC View Post

    I believe these little beasties run 24 degrees of deadrise. I don't think you are going to design a 13 footer much closer to your original brief than one of these.
    Funny enough i came across that brand of boat about 5 days ago it was a video after a video on youtube, they make some awesome boats i would love my CC im building to go like the CootaCraft off shore if u drive a aluminium boat like that it feels like your spine is going to snap

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    The new coota villain is an Apache offshore race hull. A bit floppy at rest but the business for getting miles done. 13 foot isnít ever going to stay in the water long enough to go like the bigger ones though. 7.2 m long and still only 2.1m wide. Not everyoneís cup of tea but undeniably a fast hull in the rough.

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Yeah amazing boats i was surprised to see that little 13 footer u linked i thought they only made big go fast offshore boats, i watched a few videos seems the divers love there boats for getting out and back fast think the designer mentioned there hulls are 22 degrees for fast performance, yeah no way i could drive or expect a 13-14 foot model do what these cootacraft are doing out side haha was more thinking for those days in the bay with 2-3 foot of chop maybe a little more when the wind picks up in the afternoons

    I know from my history of owning alloy boats any chop over 2 foot or swell and going over 35kph sitting down feels like your spine is going to shoot out your lower back

    That is why after a decade of alloy boats i want to go back to fibreglass for the comfy and forgiving ride

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    I think Mark has stopped making the little ram now unfortunately. Too many squillionaires wanting flash ones. It would run well though. Thereís video on YouTube of them playing in the bar with one I think.

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    Check out this little ram on youtube those two people look comfy as even tho its bouncy no spine snapping pounding that little hull would be perfect but i don't have $10,000 for one lol if i could make one like it that would be awesome

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    Re: Just Dreaming....

    I think the guy up the front might be a tad shorter after that trip, but they do go OK, if you want a soft riding 13', just look for one of those old Whalers, they were pretty low sided, but have cat stability, and go really well in chop.

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