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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Because it is a PITA Moonlighter. Number of times the Jeep shut off just as I was about to shoot into a traffic gap I've lost count of. Yes, fairly seamless but unnerving when trying to get that gap and driving for everyone else on the road too. Oh and the aircon dies with the engine too.
    If you are referring to the VW Audi fuel stat thing...they have all been doing it for years...just that in typical German fashion, they were not subtle and slightly arrogant. I don't give a rat's personally. As an example, all modern motorcycles are tuned hideously lean to meet same ends. The software tweak is not sanctioned by Audi Australia but the ability to tweak is there because some markets don't have some features but the ECUs are all the same.
    No there is no easy way to disable on the Mazda (or Jeep).
    Sort of like an iPhone versus Android.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Don't own a Jeep, and probably not likely to, but I can assure you, on the VW, it is near impossible to detect any "lag" when taking off after the engine turned off, that said, unless you were a full on all day city driver, it's just another feature that's nice, but, to me, hardly necessary.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    TBH Noelm I only had the Audi a day or 2 before I turned the auto stop off so you are likely correct. The experience with the Jeep turned me off that technology for good I think.
    Do you have the DSG transmission? Now THAT is a thing of beauty.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    My wife has the Mazda CX5, we turn the IStop off as we found it a PIA in city driving (yes the Sunshine Coast is starting to feel like it). Initially didn't notice it but after a while it was noticeable, once had to plant the foot due to some idiot about to ram us and just got out in time as we wondered why the stupid car wasn't moving. Another time a vehicle behind us was about to ram us, driver busy texting, once again just moved forward in time. Is there a difference in fuel consumption, negligible, 0.5 litres /100km. Even my wife now turns it off, Supposed to be environmentally friendly, but this stop start phenomenon is pretty hard on batteries which apart from requiring a larger heavier duty battery than a non stop vehicle, require replacing more frequently, talk to an RACQ technician about the number they have to replace.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    I wonder if the day will come that when you have car troubles you call some offshore help desk, and they will run you through a dozen useless steps to try to rectify the problem, can you imagine? here you are, in traffic and suddenly your steering goes full lock, the seat warmer burns your bum and your external mirrors start flapping in and call and a foreign voice asks you to identify yourself, then can you switch it off for 30 seconds, can you check the cables, did that fix it? no, sorry about that, I think you have a problem, I will put you on hold for 20 minutes while I get my supervisor.......

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    OH, and PLEASE, don't mention Telstra, I have just had a 5 week "issue" with them!! anyone old enough to remember the three stooges will know what happens when someone says "Niagara Falls" well, that's me with Telstra.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Yes with the battery thing. They are much more expensive than the old Exides or Centurys and do not last long. You know they are on the way out when auto stop/start stops working. Shame the ECU doesn't tell just dies completely soon after.
    Telstra. ...according to the customer satisfaction scores you are all completely happy with offshore service and that is the senior management view. You need to start doing the end of call surveys. We were all warned what would happen if our network got sold off and we all let it happen.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Hey, don't worry, I have done that survey dozens of times, and I am NOT happy......

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    The Mazda iStop system works very well. Lived with it for over 5 years now and rarely bothers me.

    The only occasions it does, is sometimes when you stop and intend to turn the car off, iStop might activate before you can press the engine stop button, you end up pressing the stop button a couple times to turn the engine off. No big deal, really. Doesnt happen very often.

    Like all “new” things, you just need to learn and adjust your driving habits.

    Many people dont know/didnt read the owners manual, so are not aware that iStop is sensitive to the amount of pressure put on the brake pedal. You can be stopped with your foot on the brake at a red light with the engine running, put some extra pressure on the brake pedal and iStop will activate.

    It works the opposite too - ease the brake pedal pressure off a touch (still easily enough to keep the car stopped) and the engine instantly restarts. So, if you are looking for a quicker getaway, thats exactly what you do - anticipate the gap, and ease the brake pressure off a touch.

    The Mazda restart is so quick in my experience, by the time you have got your foot off the brake and onto the accelerator pedal, the engine is running.

    While all iStop systems do put greater demands on the battery, the Mazda (petrol engine) version doesnt even use the starter motor to restart the engine. Battery effort is thus minimised.

    I will probably jinx myself by saying this, but IMO the battery life of the Mazda EFB batteries they use is as good as normal batteries in other modern cars - PROVIDED they are maintained properly. I am amazed at how many people think they have maintenance free batteries when in fact they dont, and then bitch about them failing after 18 months after never being topped up.

    The Audi would run a AGM, doesnt it?

    The batteries are designed for the extra workload, that is why they specify the EFB models, which have many similar characteristics to a AGM battery.

    My first CX5 I drove for 3 years and 90k kms and original battery was still fine. Current one is 2yrs old and 30k kms still fine. Both 2.2 turbo diesel.

    I have seen reports of a few CX5 batteries in the early days failing early after 18 months or so, and generally Mazda has covered them under warranty, if a Mazda dealer has done the scheduled servicing.
    Note to self: Don't argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience....

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Still turn IStop off soon as I get in the CX 5, interestingly all the Mazda staff that pick up my wife's car for service (one of the very few companies that do) turn it off also. The other interesting fact that I've found is that most cars voltage will drop to around 11.3 Volts on startup, apparently to do with all the system checks, all the sensors including ABS brakes, hill starts, airbags, fuel pump, starter motor etc all running at the same time. Once upon a time anything less than 12.2 V was considered an issue, no wonder we now need bigger capacity batteries.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Pretty sure the Audi has an AGM - haven't taken the cover off to check. Jeep certainly was, hence the price.

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    Re: Prado engine turning over while I was inside

    Latest update.
    The thing has done again.
    For the 150 series prado owners with CTek dual battery system.
    Is it possible to wire the system incorrect.
    I wired it the same as a 80 series cruiser. Someone has said that it might be wired wrong.
    Can anyone help.

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