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    Re: Coral Reef Fin Fish bag limit.

    I just typed out a reply and it vanished, anyway...I agree with you, let's look at it in a different way, sometimes I go out and struggle to catch enough fish for a feed, but then, there are times I have had to leave a hot Snapper bite because I have my limit, some have suggested that perhaps there should be times when your bag limit should be increased to make up for previous dud trips! I can't say I agree with that, let alone how to police it, kind of like some sort of season limit? I certainly don't claim to be a green tree hugger, I like to eat fish, crabs and whatever else, but, this is a big issue that affects every fisherman both pro and rec, freshwater and salt, boat and shore based.

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    Re: Coral Reef Fin Fish bag limit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    I guess kind of, the Bluefin have made a comeback from the brink due to very strict limits on Pros and recs alike, it was pretty rare to catch one for years, and now they have recovered its catch as many as you are allowed, I have heard of stories of "upgrading" that is catching one each, and continue fishing, keeping bigger and bigger ones, and simply tossing the smaller ones over the side, I know this is kind of drifting off topic, but in a way, it relates to the topic too, laws are a necessity, and how those laws are determined can be in our hands.
    sadly there are plenty of anglers who do this ...... and itís so disappointing to hear these stories which are no doubt true. There are a few photos on Facebook with 4 or 5 fish with just 3 anglers or 1 angler with two bluefin ...... . This is where boat limits need to come into play..

    sorry but fishoes are are often not very good at keeping to regulations ..... knowingly or through ignorance. .... me included.

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    Re: Coral Reef Fin Fish bag limit.

    Boat limits were introduced here for our deep water species, with the advent of electric reels and GPS, better boats and so on, species like Blue Eye, Hapuka and Gemfish became readily available to most people (these were almost entirely the professionals domain) and bag limit numbers were pretty scarce, simply because no one caught them, but in the early days, boxes of Gemfish were common, people cleaned them at the ramp until they got tired of it, then gave away the smaller ones, or simply tossed them away, then a limit of certain species were introduced, and a boat of (say) 4 anglers still had a box of fish, but kept upgrading until only big ones were in the kill box, to counteract this, strict boat limits were set, (for multiple species combined) so, regardless of 2 or 6 people or more, the boat limit prevented wanton kill numbers, everyone carried on about it, but in a way, we did it to ourselves, now we just accept the limits because we have got used to it.

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    Re: Coral Reef Fin Fish bag limit.

    Boat limits make no sense at all. Why should a boat with 6 people on it only keep the same amount of fish as a boat with 3 people in it? Its a ridiculous arguement on all levels

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