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Thread: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

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    New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    A $1 MILLION artificial reef will be installed off Straddie’s Point Lookout by December.

    The project was announced by Employment Minister Shannon Fentiman on Tuesday as part of efforts to boost the island’s diving and recreational tourism opportunities.

    Almost 40 concrete structures will be submerged across 30-hectares about 1.5 kilometres from Minjerribah Camping’s Adder Rock grounds.

    Moreton Bay is already scattered with artificial reefs, including two near Peel and Coochiemudlo islands.

    See video footage of West Peel artificial reef below

    Redland City Council and diving groups had lobbied state government in 2016 for ex-HMAS Tobruk to be sunk off Straddie to boost the island’s tourism sector.

    The ship, one of two decommissioned vessels offered by the federal government to the states and territory for use as dive wrecks, was instead submerged at the Fraser Coast.

    Ms Fentiman said the concrete structures, to be built by Townsville-based Pacific Marine Group, would be similar to existing concrete reef skeletons in Moreton Bay and Hervey Bay.

    “These purpose-built concrete reefs will be low maintenance, last more than 30 years and can withstand significant storm events,” she said.

    “Moreton Bay already has seven artificial reefs that provide fantastic fishing opportunities for the south-east, and this reef will further enhance recreational opportunities.”

    The money was allocated from the state government’s $30 million marine infrastructure fund.

    Ms Fentiman said the Straddie site, located in waters between 10 and 12 metres deep, was approved after talks led by Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

    Conceptual drawings of the concrete reef structures. Photo: Pacific Marine Group

    Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation, the Queensland Seafood Industry Association and tourism, fishing, diving and environment groups were all involved.

    Ms Fentiman said ocean lovers could expect aquatic life to become established within months of the reef skeleton’s submersion.

    “… Divers will see an array of sea creatures around the purpose built structures, and within 18 months fishing will be improved substantially,” she said.

    QYAC chief executive Cameron Costello said the reef would help position Quandamooka country as a globally recognised eco-cultural tourism destination.

    “It is exciting to be involved in projects that see our people actively playing a role in creating future fishing and diving opportunities on Quandamooka country,” he said.

    Redland mayor Karen Williams welcomed the state’s contribution towards Redlands’ marine infrastructure.
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    Re: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    I would have liked to have seen them found a site that was a little deeper at the 15-20m mark. Being that the reefs are meant to enhance diving experiences as well, having them that shallow can be a little difficult for divers to maintain a distance from them and still keep a neutral buoyancy.
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    Re: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    I still reckon they should make a continuous arti along the edges of the no trawl zones, just keep adding to it bit by bit each year.
    Would serve as fish highways in the long run

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    Re: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    Agree, too shallow!

    Put them in 20 - 30m, think that would be alot more productive depth personally..

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    Re: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    Also, I know it’s a bit off topic but I think they should also look at the amount of mangrove habitat that has been removed from the bay over the years (airport expansion one ridiculous example) and try to recreate it in other areas. There are areas of the western bay that are very shallow that could be manipulated to expand/create mangrove habitat. Similarly I’d like to see large amounts of oyster beds introduced to the bay.
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    Re: New Arti's for Moreton Bay

    Lovey, you have poked the hornets nest within again with regards to BAC and how they have and can cause the devastation to mangrove habitat at their leisure.

    It is a sick joke really that the government wants to implement green zones and sustainable fishing practices on one hand yet will let mangrove habitat (nursery for marine life in the bay) be destroyed on the other!

    Prime example is the filling in of serpentine and Jacksons creek yet the next 2 creeks north located half a kilometre away are "marine national park" and were declared that prior to the filling in of Jacksons.

    Amazing what can happen if you have the financial backing isn't it..

    Bunch of contradicting hypocrites, makes you steam..

    It would be nice like you say for them to put back in some way, wouldn't it..

    They still have plenty of land with water frontage to the bay how about spending a few dollars replacing what you have destroyed by creating some new waterways and in time mangrove habitat..

    Disgraceful really, rant over..

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