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Thread: Rock fishing

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    Rock fishing

    Looking to try a bit of rock fishing. Any spots you'd recommend (living in brisbane but will drive the distsnce)? Any general tips as well would be appreciated.


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    Re: Rock fishing

    Not too familiar with what's available to you up there, but in general, you need to consider what you are going to target, if the answer is "anything that comes along" you will be sadly disappointed, you will need to target more specific species and fish in a way with suitable tackle to catch them. What I am getting at is, the person who turns up with a long heavy rod, 15kg line and a kilo sinker, puts on a huge chunk of bait and hurls the lot over the horizon will probably never catch a Bream, and that same person will probably never catch a Tuna or Mackeral, just those few fish require a completely different approach. Rock fishing can be very rewarding (and at times dangerous) and requires a bit of thought and effort to catch fish consistently.

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    Re: Rock fishing

    Right i see what you mean. Investigate the spot and target specific fish. Hopefully someone knows of a spot that goes alright. Cheers for the tips.

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    Re: Rock fishing

    Probably the easiest fish to target would be Bream, very simple tackle and pretty common fish, I do quite a bit of Bream fishing off the rocks, and all my tackle fits in my pocket, a few size 1 hooks, a few small pea size ball sinkers (mostly use no sinker at all) and a light rod without 3-5kg line. Look for a place with something like Cunji or Mussels and stuff on the bottom, cast into a bit of deeper water with a bit of wash covering it and you're set, cast close in, not way out.

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    Re: Rock fishing

    I already chase a lot of bream and was hoping to target larger fish with a bit more fight. Will still target bream though thanks

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    Re: Rock fishing

    try Noosa national park for tailor, kingfish and Jew

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    Re: Rock fishing

    Not too familiar with the area. Around hells gates and devils kitchen?

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    Re: Rock fishing

    Those species are available from the rocks, but again, a different technique is required to be successful consistently.

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