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Thread: McLeay Island

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    McLeay Island

    Hi all,

    Heading out Monday (weather looks like its a bit windy but we will see) for a fish. I have always wanted to throw some surface hard bodies around there for bream after seeing Dizzy catching bream on his own lures (bibbed chubby style but very much surface lures and only just under). Anyone got any tips for roughly want end/side I should be looking at?

    Many thanks.
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    Re: McLeay Island

    There is ground on both sides. On the eastern side I've fished quite a bit down near Lamb Rocks (make sure you are familiar with the green zone down that way) and the "channel" between Lamb and Macleay. Across the top (Potts Point) is always worth a look provided the water isn't too clear and on the western side, Iron Stem and another rock/gravel bank further down the island are worth a look. I've never spent too much time with surface stuff - predominantly soft plastics and small (very small) shallow to medium divers. Take a good look at google earth and some charts before you go - there are some seriously substantial prop destroyers in these areas - which just happen to be where the fish hang out.

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    Re: McLeay Island

    Thanks a lot Scott!


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    Re: McLeay Island

    We got a few decent sized bream on the eastern side at the iron stem ANZAC day, low tide on bait and Curley tails. Also got some finger mark there

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