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    Dometic Iceboxes

    Spotted the 110 ltr at Anaconda today for $279 on special , these boxes any good ??, any out there owning one of these with feedback in the Good , Bad or Average ?? would appreciate feedback please..

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    Re: Dometic Iceboxes

    Dometic are the parent company of waeco and seem to be rebranding waeco as dometic. These eskies are the same as the old waeco cool ice eskies of which I own a 60l and iíve been very happy with it. Itís strong, durable and keeps ice well.

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    Re: Dometic Iceboxes

    Yes own 2 hold ice better than my evea cool fibreglass esky
    And tough as well

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    Re: Dometic Iceboxes

    Mate check out Freddy's at Brendale first, they're pretty good on the price of those esky's. I have an 85 litre and it works unreal.

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    Re: Dometic Iceboxes

    I've got 3 of the original COOL ICE ( a couple of the small 15lt & a 55lt) IMO , At best they are Ok. My issue is that the thickness of the LLDPE skin on the larger models are very thin and can be split - specially if the insulation and outer skin has a gap .
    Compare a Dometic vs a EvaKool , Icytek , Chilly Chest and you will see what I mean ( nothing changed when they became Dometic)

    Yes they do keep ice well because of the sealing design but I would be considering them a esky you can knock around

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