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Thread: Salting Mullet

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    Salting Mullet

    Hi All

    Does anyone here salt whole mullet for bait?

    I've read that you can salt mullet fillets and whole pillies but nothing on whole mullet.

    I need some whole mullet to take unrefrigerated for an extended crabbing trip.

    Cheers, Ivan

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    I would just chuck some salt ( rock ) in and Cryovac them. They will last a long time.

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    Do they then have to be refrigerated? Will they work just as well for crabs? I had the impression crabs like their mullet as fresh as possible.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    I would just chuck some salt ( rock ) in and Cryovac them. They will last a long time.

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    What we have left over at days end goes into ziplock plastic bags and gets frozen to take out next time incase livies are on the lean side.. Use once and then into the briney feed the fish or you can use for crab pots though might be a tad soft which i doubt will matter so long as they arent on the nose.

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    In the NT before the crab pros were banned in the Gulf one of them had cryovaced bags of beef in his centre cab cuddy, reckoned he would go days with them so long as they were in a cool place.

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    I always use swimming pool salt---lots of it-- on frozen pillies, and fresh mullet fillets when packing them in sealed plastic trays---- then into the freezer. I find if they thaw or partially thaw on a fishing trip, then they can be refrozen with no ill effects.
    They are even better the second time around as they are tougher , easier to bait up, and harder to get off the hook.
    The fish don't seem to care.

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    I use rock salt. Always salt prawn pieces day before. Use them chasing whiting and are nice and tough
    Works same on pilles, but i was it off before using them as everything u touch goes salty

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    Re: Salting Mullet

    I only salt them when they come out of the frying pan...and a little pepper and lemon juice too.

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