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Thread: Mulloway on Fraser Island

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    Mulloway on Fraser Island

    Has anyone targeted this species up there and are they around all year or do they move in with the tailor?

    Heading up in a few weeks time and was thinking of trying around the Waddy area if they are likely to be about .

    Any tips would be appreciated as I've never really targeted them as such.

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    Re: Mulloway on Fraser Island

    Dont do like my friend did when he went looking for them he put a great big hook in his finger 3/4 of a bottle of Bundy to get the hook out cant remember if he caught any piss funny story all the same.

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    Re: Mulloway on Fraser Island

    Funny you should mention that cause a mate put a hook through his leg today out mackeral fishing.

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    Re: Mulloway on Fraser Island

    Apparently the first time he tried to push it threw it was hitting the bone not my idea of fun.

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    Re: Mulloway on Fraser Island

    I was up there this week. Way too many sharks in the gutters at Waddy to catch anything else on big bait at night at the moment Id expect. They are pretty thick as soon as the sun starts going down.

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    Re: Mulloway on Fraser Island

    Cheers gbc we just got back today and were talking to a guy the other day that had been getting a few sharks in that area. We didnt even get to wet a line at jight due to the wind and rain every night.

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