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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Will know in another 3 hours if the resin went off fingers crossed it may be messy trying to wipe all uncured resin off lucky i didn't put to much on

    on another note that splashwell has been bugging the shit out of me for months and months now i just don't know how to glass the gap from front to back so what i may do is leave my top sides of the gunnels on and cut out the entire splashwell and redesign my own from scratch this will likely include a bait tank and maybe a nice long above floor kill tank not sure yet i have ideas in my head i am tinkering with

    just my old splashwell is so flimsy and 4mm thick its not adding any structural strength, the new splashwell will be built from 12mm plywood either a full side to side splashwell or i may add in a seat on either side undecided yet need to do some drawings

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Think i ...... up i just made up a glue fairing mix of talc applied it to fill the cloth over the transom cap and its pissing down raining 1 hours after i finished i have a tarp over the boat but there are small holes on top of the transom, this shit never ends i wish this rain would go away it has been raining five to six weeks now
    I feel for you Gazza. It's bad enough even though I can get the cars out of the garage and work there. Every time I start mixing glass, it comes over cloudy and the temps drop - shit takes for ever to go off.
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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Scottar it has been rain for weeks now it just buckets down my whole lawn stays soaking wet so i really cant do any work i do have a huge tarp over the boat that measures 7x5.5m but the transom is tricky because its on the outside of the hull where all the wet damp air is from the grass and sloshy mud i just need the rain to go away so i can mow me lawns and power on

    To date my resin has all cured but im not to sure about todays progress there was a break in the weather about 3pm so i got stuck in than a storm hit about 5:30pm i just cannot get rid of this rain wish i had a triple car garage haha than it would be a breeze but yeah i am trying to make the most of what i have

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Just checked the resin from today and it cured in the huge storm and humidity

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    thats lucky , setbacks p#ss you off . they give me the sh*ts.

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    I just need to sand the transom, Seal it than its ready for paint be interesting to see how my sanding skills fared the transom i don't expect it to be 100 perfection may see some high and lows...

    still need to vacuum the entire inside of the boat before i even think about finishing off the tabbing on the lower and sides of the transom

    rebuilding a boat only putting in 1 to 3 hours each day i get to work on it is painfully slow progress but i am slowly moving forward, once I'm inside the boat it should be ok as long as the weather is cool enough to work i will work into the night will need to set up some string led lighting

    honestly its still far far away but i will be very happy once the floor is down

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    She's now getting painted first layer of undercoat on the transom, i tried a mohair roller because i had them it didnt work to well i had to use a paint brush to paint it on really thick this paint is runny and translucent maybe because it is water based 2 pack paint I'm not sure, the undercoat came in A and B fifty percent of each to be mixed i made up 400mls used around 320mls i will give it another coat of undercoat than i will let it cure and be ready for a sand, instructions say i have up to five days to sand before the paint becomes incredibly hard to sand due to it being 2 pack
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