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Thread: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    The guy that does boat works on youtube posted thisvideo on holes

    Iíve seen this bloke before and I donít mind his work.

    Shakey - If only I lived near the coast

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Yes but if you watch the video he says that repairing from both sides is recommended. He points out that this is a small boat which means small stresses, so what applies to this example doesn't apply to a larger boat. PS: having to work upside down is another drawback with Gazza's plan.

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    The bloke Andy in that boat works video mentions big holes guys the hole he is reparing is atleaee 7 inches wide by 4 inches when he mentions 40-50 footers with large holes he is talking big repairs, my holeis a 1 inch hole which is tiny tiny compared to the hole in the video

    I have 3 small grinder slit cuts thru the hull too i will be drilling out the ends than filling the slit with a glue mix than around 10-15 layers of 400g double bias than sand (the fibreglass repair will double as a fairing in its t hickness) sand it all smooth and level with the gelcoat than i'll gelcoat the whole hull

    The hull needs to be off the trailer as i still need to gurni all the barnicles off that i cant reach while on the trailer

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    ok..Gazza..a one inch hole is not all that bad.....if you cant get to the back of the hole you need to do a few things to make sure the laminate you build is compacted and strong...clean the inside back of the hole as best you need to make a patch of larger diam than the hole....a 1inch hole a less than 2 inch back patch....epoxy and two laminate made on plastic sheet ...when its cured put a screw in the middle of the patch a tie some string to it!...The patch should roll up enough to insert through the hole.... epoxy it onto the inside of the hole use the string to hold in position or at least not have the patch drop into the hull.. that gives you a strong surface to build the laminate on and keeps the grinding shit out of the hull...Once thats cured grind out the outside of the hole and build your laminate till the hole is whole again...

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