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Thread: Shimano graphite rod repair

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    Shimano graphite rod repair

    Hi. Anyone have any idea where to get parts to repair my shimano graphite spinning rod in werribee area? It broke about 20 cm from the tip between the guides.

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    Re: Shimano graphite rod repair

    Sorry to inform you mate but I think you might need to turn the life support of on that one and look at starting a new relationship with something newer and shinny😃
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Unhappy Re: Shimano graphite rod repair

    Commiserations on your loss.

    5 options available.
    1. Start by having a wake,
    2. Strip the guides and relocate them to make a shorter, much stiffer rod, then use it for trolling.
    3. strip all the guides off so you have replacement ones for your new rod.
    4. Strip the butt end down and you can make it into a great gaf although it would be easier to buy one.
    5. Buy a new rod (actually this is option 1)

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    Re: Shimano graphite rod repair

    Ok. Darn. Thanks.

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