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    My two Alvey Reels

    I have two star-drag Alvey Reels which I use for towing baits, best reels I have ever used... more on that later.
    I while back I took them into a fishing tackle store in at Coffs, I won't name names...
    I picked them up, was given the old washers and parts that were replaced, all good so far, but I should have checked.

    However on my next trip up north I discovered the ratchets had been disconnected/removed, bit of a bummer when towing for macs, I also found I could not tighten up the drag properly on one...another bummer. I could be wrong, but I think the replacement washers were the wrong size.

    The next time I am in Brizzie I would like to take these reels to someone that actually knows what they are doing, can anyone recommend a person or tackle shop that would do the job properly??? Would prefer the north side if possible but am prepared to travel to where ever.

    Anyway more on these reels, the larger reel is called a snapper reel, still has the sticker, have managed to get the ratchet partially working, the other reel is slightly smaller, both are star drag and non side casting, they have outlived a number of penn & shimano overheads, I only use mono when towing, common sense IMO. People often ask me if they are too slow to wind in, my response, even though they are a 1:1 ratio the spools are BIG, you can only wind as fast as the fish will let you and the set drag will allow, best not to hurry a big spanish. Forgot to add, years ago when I bought my seafarer those two reels were in the boat, happy about that The guy that sold me the boat probably wishes he had them back...Not going to happen.

    Any feedback or recommendations greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Roz


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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    Glen at Jonses tackle is my go to he does all repairs and services on site himself ,they are on Gympie red near chermside shopping centre . Matt
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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    Thanks heaps Matt, will take note.
    many thanks Roz


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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    They are about the most basic mechanical device ever built - get your hands on some exploded parts diagrams and do them yourself - they really aren't hard. Might just save a trip if you ever have to sort one out in the field.

    That said - as mentioned Jones's Tackle have a good rep or you could call Alvey and see who they recommend local to yourself
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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    thanks for that, I am a total bogan at some things, fixing reel is one, like to think I make up for it in the fishing/rod building department.
    Will look into your advice.
    thanks heaps Roz


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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    Mate I live on the Northside of brassiere I repair reels I would be happy to look at yr reels
    0427832618 is my number

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    Re: My two Alvey Reels

    Towing lures /baits for Spaniards with Alvey's--that brings back memories. Used to be a standard over here many years ago--it was considered the deluxe version of sashcords with an inner tube shock absorber I still have two Reefmasters sitting on a bracket in the shed, unused for decades now. But the Alvey downrigger is getting more use now than it did in the first 20 years.

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