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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

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    Wow, thanks for everyone’s input. How good is boating, fishing, and life !!!

    what is a pretty calm river.

    A chemical toilet came with the boat. What is the story with no. 2s. ? In a bag to be stored and thrown out, in the toilet (and only in the morning as Mr_Bean suggested) ?

    For us we just designated a dirty bucket, necessary jobs were done in the dirty bucket by first adding about 150mm of water and then doing what you needed to do.

    It then went overboard and was well rinsed with the deckwash pump before putting it away down the back.


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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    Hi Nick
    good post mate as you can see there is no wrong or right , all of the responses have merit to their various owners. like everything you can make it as easy or as hard as you like (or can tolerate)

    For me I done all sorts of overnighting from heading out with a six pak and a rod to open fire to gas to full camper setups.

    for mine the gen , coffee and fry pan was the best money i ever spent, ( Jesus boys I've see tents that cost more than $500)

    what will last from your experience is ....... "the first impression" (happy wife happy life )

    what ever you do have fun and enjoy. ( the $10 burger may actual be the best option but I dont know the area you planning on using)


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