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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    Quote Originally Posted by rzetsd View Post
    Wow, thanks for everyone’s input. How good is boating, fishing, and life !!!

    what is a pretty calm river.

    A chemical toilet came with the boat. What is the story with no. 2s. ? In a bag to be stored and thrown out, in the toilet (and only in the morning as Mr_Bean suggested) ?

    For us we just designated a dirty bucket, necessary jobs were done in the dirty bucket by first adding about 150mm of water and then doing what you needed to do.

    It then went overboard and was well rinsed with the deckwash pump before putting it away down the back.


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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    Hi Nick
    good post mate as you can see there is no wrong or right , all of the responses have merit to their various owners. like everything you can make it as easy or as hard as you like (or can tolerate)

    For me I done all sorts of overnighting from heading out with a six pak and a rod to open fire to gas to full camper setups.

    for mine the gen , coffee and fry pan was the best money i ever spent, ( Jesus boys I've see tents that cost more than $500)

    what will last from your experience is ....... "the first impression" (happy wife happy life )

    what ever you do have fun and enjoy. ( the $10 burger may actual be the best option but I dont know the area you planning on using)


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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    Thanks all, really appreciated.

    Family birthdays, Easter and 2 weeks in Perth means we will now be going mid May. Will post pictures afterwards.


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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    If you're using a solar shower be prepared to boil the kettle and add some hot water to it when it's time to shower. In my experience they just don't get hot enough (and I'm in the tropics). I use an electric shower from BCF. Immerse the pump in a 20l bucket and add some boiling water from the kettle. Usually only need half a bucket for a decent shower. Works very well.

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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    I spent a fair bit of time on the Clyde in a similar sized boat, used to always launch at a quiet ramp at Nelligan on the B bay side of the river, away from the chaos of the Hanging Rock ramp.
    The best part of the river is above Nelligan, we used to anchor up near Shallow Crossing, and various points back before the bridge.
    Personally I reckon you can do a lot with very little, as you are already experienced campers, you already know this.
    We pack four, two litre (ex-juice containers) of frozen water into the corners of our 47 Lt. EvaCool with whatever food you want, examples are; pre cooked Indian from Coles, BBQ chicken, simple pasta dishes, to keep things simple, and boat camp for up to five days, with no loss of suitable fridge temp.
    I would try Maloneys as a day anchorage first, chances are it may be rolly with surge during tide changes, and if in the middle of the night it starts, you can't easily up anchor and move safely. At least in the river you won't have that issue.
    Good luck, once you start and relax into it, it will be the best sleep you will ever have

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    Re: Advice on Overnighting

    Good tip for the solar shower. My personal experience was that they could actually be too hot if used while the sun was still high, but they do cool rapidly once it drops. But, a top up with some water from the kettle does the trick.
    There is also the option of a cigarette lighter powered 12v one, only $25 or so from camping stores. Just heat water, pour into bucket, drop pump in and go. But you may be surprised at how many kettles you need to boil to get cold water in a 20 litre bucket up to a nice temp. At least with the solar, it will still be warm, and not need as much heating.

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