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    How to catch Tilapia

    Hey guys and girls, I'm planning on taking my young son to Maroon Dam over the Easter break to target a bucket load of Tilapia.
    I have seen them there while fishing for bass and I'm guessing they will be a lot more fun for the young fella to catch.
    Any advice would be appreciated on what to use as far as baits, rigs and burley goes.
    Also, does anyone know what are the rules for camping at Maroon? I'll research it but I'm happy to steal someone's knowledge if it saves me the effort.

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    Re: How to catch Tilapia

    They are very finicky compared to bass, no loud noises or they will shut down.
    I use a no 4 wide gap hook sitting a foot or so above a sinker, but your favourite bream rig will work well enough.
    I find they really like red claw flesh or shrimp flesh, peeled, on the tip of the hook. They tend to bite gently, a little rat tat tat, sometime it is hard to feel it, if not sure, lean back. Dont strike.
    You will often find them in shallow water on a bank, 3 foot even less if water murky. A few sunken trees around doesnt hurt.
    I like to gently cast out and slow retrieve in all directions from the boat until you find a school, then cast past them and retrieve in to it (they are finicky enough a sinker landing in the school with a good plop will chase them). If you are careful you can really clean up out of the one school.

    Hold on tight, you get a good sized one (40cm) and they go very very hard.

    You might find them not so finicky at Maroon, the constant wash from the ski lice seems to make most of the wild life a bit bullet proof there.

    PS, never tried burley, not something I do with any of my fishing.

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    Re: How to catch Tilapia

    Thanks Feral.
    I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

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