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    What do you reckon?

    I've got a Shimano Trinidad TN40N reel loaded with 65lb Tasline on a Gary Howard CalstÓr Grafighter 15-24kg rod that I'm thinking of selling as it doesn't get used anymore.

    I know what it all cost new 8 years ago but I've got no idea what it'd be worth as a 2nd hand combo now.

    Any suggestions on what a fair price for it would be?

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    Give away to a good home

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    What did it cost 8 years ago and how much action have they seen mate?

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    Depends on the condition of the rod components and if the reel has been serviced
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    Seller's Items

    Shimano BTR12000OC

    Shimano BTR12000OC

    AUS $145.00

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    The rod is in top condition apart from a couple of braid marks above the reel from when its been loaded up and the reel was last serviced about 2 years ago where I replaced the carbontex washers and did the usual but has only had 1 or 2 trips since then.

    I ended up going with a Torium16 on a Terez rod which is a light balanced set up and suited a bung wrist at the time.

    The reel when new was 700 or 800 and i think the rod was around the 450 mark from memory while the braid was about 60 odd.

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    I would say around $5-600
    fruit salad is the new Bacon

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    Quote Originally Posted by FisHard View Post
    I would say around $5-600
    Thanks mate.

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    Re: What do you reckon?

    Hi Marto,
    Keen to see it.
    Is it similar to the Shimano Ocea?
    Will give you a call tomorrow.

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