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Thread: Visited Awoonga

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    Visited Awoonga

    My mate a I visited Lakevawonga to fish for Barra well we fished hard for two days and didnít get one touch. I believe we were there at the wrong time as the rain weather front was coming in as we had to leave a day early due to heavy rain.

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    Re: Visited Awoonga

    Ah,Lake Awoonga.......I spent a whole year there one long weekend.

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    Re: Visited Awoonga

    had some of the best times at Awoonga - sadly those halcyon days are behind us .

    don't worry - gun angers who know the place like the back of their hand struggle these days ..... a far cry from when I fished the ABT there & the 5 fish average was 120cm for the winners .

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    Re: Visited Awoonga

    We have spent 3 days up there and between 12 blokes only got a scale. Some days they bite, and plenty of other days they don't.

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    Re: Visited Awoonga

    It's a BIG puddle now with a lot more water between fish. Haven't been back since the Easter break in 2012 after the flood. It was the first time I had visited the place and bombed out. It was certainly easier to find a fish when it was around 50% capacity.
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