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    new membrane ganged switches by yin

    hey guys i have a 12 gang membrane with set up it's the 2nd one ive had great when you dont have a lot of room !
    i have just had the floor redone and maybe because of all the dust , who knows just not working ! tried all i can checked all the fittings etc, nada
    before i go off and get another , times are tuff can these be fixed? im in brisbane , so where can i send it even if its a standby?

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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    can you isolate it down to the membrane or the control unit? Some of these control units have internal protective fusing. I looked at them for my new boat, and was initially keen, but then went off the idea for precisely the reason you are scratching your head now--just don't want to lose function.

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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    After 25 years of playing with electricity and boats, I would personally never have these things on my own rig. Over complicates what is a pretty simple thing IMO. One switch fails on a traditional set up you lose one device. If a module fails it's all gone.

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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    there are few very good quality membrane switches..... and they......well they are not cheap lets say. i DO think they are very good, but only one boat "government tender... so.. your tax and mine paid for it ultimately" was the only candidate to take them up.. expect upwards of 800 dollars for 6 switches for very good quality membrane..... otherwise, stick to traditional switches or digital.


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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    moose when you say digital what do you mean ? and may i say the relax is exactly the same product. was thinking of them but after your comment not sure now . the benefit to me is saving space?

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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    Yeah they do save dash space , very groovy.

    I have used the BLINK marine digital switching systems before. similar membrane style buttons, with an Ethernet connection to the control box. similar dash space saving. however these are not a cost saving option, they are considerably more expensive.

    Of all the off the shelf membrane panels the Relaxn 8 ways are the best to go for. Moose

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    Re: new membrane ganged switches by yin

    Membrane switches do not like low voltage at all
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