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Thread: Hi from South Coast NSW

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    Hi from South Coast NSW

    Purchased a Cruise Craft Explorer 685 Hardtop before Christmas. Previous boat (6 years) was a dodgy 48 year old Glastron v156 tri hull I found in a junk pile in some ones yard.

    The 685 was chosen as the whole family (6) love fishing (need a stable platform), youngest wants to catch marlin and tuna, water sports, overnighting with wife, it was shiny at the Sydney boat show (and the setup had everyhting we "think" we were after), list of reviews here and other forums.

    Cruise Craft were chosen because of the long list of reviews over the years of their legendary support and service. I can add to this saying the service and support has been nothing short of outstanding.

    Have already spent some great days on water biscuiting and boarding (every ones in the boat ... no one on-shore). Even better days fishing. Best time has been having dinner at sunset on the Moruya River with my 2 grand daughters.

    Look forward to the next 20 years learning how to handle the boat, learning how to catch tuna and marlin (and kingfish and .....) and learning from the experienced people on this site.

    We fish out of Moruya and Broulee on NSW South Coast.

    Nick Brazil

    PS: Best move when buying the boat was spending a day with Bill Corten on boat handling and bar crossing (lucky to be on the new boat). This guy is a legend and I learnt in 1 day the true capability of the boat of would have probably taken me 12 months + to sort out !

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    Re: Hi from South Coast NSW

    sounds like you got the perfect allround boat that caters to everyone needs, and should be a very capable offshore rig too, what size donk on the back? okay enjoy the south coast and remember beautiful bermagui is only a hour drive away , perfect test for your rig the 12mile reef, also known as the continental shelf..

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    Re: Hi from South Coast NSW

    Hi catshark, yes, it suits our needs. It has a 300HP Yamaha on the back with 310 litre fuel tank. We have been told to take the boat to Bermagui (either by water or road) to fish and eat and drink.

    We have noticed 2 things at the boat ramp (1) everyone assumes you will have an esky full of fish (2) first question is "have you been to the shelf yet ?

    Current priority is improving our flat-head, snapper hauls and catching first dolphin fish and first kingie

    Son is very keen to get to the shelf. We need to sort out what we do when we get to the shelf and what gear we need.

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    Re: Hi from South Coast NSW

    great to hear, no doubt you will get to the shelf one day but there are so many inshore reefs close by which produce good fish as well. your in for a treat when you hook your first kingfish, hang on and enjoy.

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