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Thread: Cairns charter

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    Cairns charter

    Hi Guys,

    I've had a search through the previous posts but couldn't find anything recent.

    Heading up to Palm Cove at the beginning of April with the family and would be very keen to get the wife and kids out on a boat and into some fish. Looking more at game-fishing but potentially a bit of bottom bashing as well. Kids are 8 & 11.

    Is Blackout still the go to charter, or is there anyone else worth considering? Shade on the boat would be good.

    Any advise much appreciated.

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    Re: Cairns charter

    Hi Troy, I'm going up that way late April and have booked a charter with Jamie Beitzel on the Daintree River, it is a lovely drive from Cairns and I think it would suit your family. Jamie will fish in the river or he will take you outside to fish the close in reefs. I have been with him before and we caught some great fish. Jamie has been in business for around twenty years so he must be doing something right and he is a nice easygoing sort of bloke as well. I think Jamie's setup would be ideal for your situation especially with the wife and children as you could do some good fishing in the river if conditions are unsuitable offshore or you could do both. He takes from one person to groups but in your case just book the boat for yourselves.His phone no. is 0740907638. Anyway enough of the Jamie Beitzel fan club and have a look at his website on the net. I would suggest you deal with him direct on his website rather than go through a booking agent.

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    Re: Cairns charter

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Both those guys look good, I'll give them a ring and see who has availability.

    Kids are super excited! So that's good.

    Thanks again.Troy

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    Re: Cairns charter

    Don't forget to post a report mate
    Good luck

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