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Thread: Fishing out of Mooloolabah

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    Fishing out of Mooloolabah

    Hi guys, thinking of taking the boat out of Mooloolabah when the stars align and I can organize the missus's work days off and the weather to coincide together, I have mostly fished around the outside of Cape Morton so don't know this area at all. I take it that the fishing grounds there are much closer than the Morton Island ones are and the usual species are the same? Any closer reefs than the Barwon Banks to head towards or is that the prime area to aim for?


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    Re: Fishing out of Mooloolabah


    First up, be careful crossing the Mooloolah River Bar as it has silted up. Follow a local, if you can.

    There are several closer areas to fish out of there.

    Inner Gneerings.............S26 38.749 ..........E153 09.499
    Blinker.............. not exactly here...S26 39.100 ,....E153 11.450
    Murphys Reef... nth....S26 39.253.... E153 11.289.......... south...S26 41.058..... E153 13.076
    Currimundi Reef..........S26 45.647.......... E153 10.875

    The Barwon Banks are 26k's long and over 1 k wide, with depths ranging from 17mtrs to 35mtrs.

    East of the banks, the depth drops and quite quickly in some areas.

    There is a area N/E of the banks that fires well and a lot of folks head to The Hards.S26 24.364 E153 33.827

    Personally I find fishing either N/E areas or way down south, even as far as Wide Caloundra works, by keeping away from the boat traffic.S26 36.690 E153 29.779 & S26 36.361 E153 30.027

    I fish close in, in Winter as the Snaps come in to the shallower water. Sweeties in shallow during Summer.

    Even places like Old Woman Island can turn it on for Spotties and Snapper at the right times.

    Trolling livies around The Blinker area produces good Spanish Mackerel.

    Any further info required, just respond here.

    cheers LP
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    Re: Fishing out of Mooloolabah

    Thanks for that info Phill, I will stick those co-ordinates on a map and have a look at them. As for the bar, I thought that it was dredged recently and made safer.

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    Re: Fishing out of Mooloolabah

    I last went out in January and the dredge was in operation.
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