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    Cape Moreton 13/02/2018

    Just a quick report from the cape area today. I crossed the Caloundra bar at 0430 for a pretty good run to Hutchies. The forecast last night and at 0330 this morning was for 15-25kn northerly so was expecting pretty poor fishing in pretty poor conditions but I havenít been out since Christmas and was getting keen. With the ordinary forecast I thought it would be better to go solo so I could change my plans and there was no pressure to find fish. The plan was trolling!!!!! No bait onboard just lures.

    First lines in the water at 0530 at the top end of Hutchies. Went down the outside for a couple of km then back up. No hits so plan was to troll to the cape. Just past the bottom of Hutchies I got a small tuna. Perfect, bait to take to noosa next month. Continued down to the cape and did some laps for nil. Right on the top of the tide zzzzzzzzzzzzxzzx and I am on. This is big, could be fun on my own. It just kept running hard whilst I got the other lines in. Lucky it was on the particular rod it was as the others would not have had enough line. At this stage I was thinking big tuna. It just kept going and going fast. I was seeing line that had never been seen before and I fish this reel in 200m+ for bar cod. I started reversing to get some line back and was going pretty well when way off in the distance(300m or more) I saw a splash and then many spectacular jumps from a BIG marlin. During this jumping session I lost more line than I had gained by reversing. He then went deep and I reversed harder. Anyway the guts is, I didnít get it. After 1 1/2 hours and 7km of fighting the line snapper. At the end I could feel the braid rubbing on the fish somehow. I donít normally use braid for anything other than bottom fishing but as I was solo, I didnít have enough rods with mono. Disappointing finish as when I wound in I only had 2 colours left which is only 20m so I got pretty close. It was pretty heavy overcast so I didnít get to see if I was that close. Now I have caught quit a few of the 20-30kg blacks and can handle them pretty easily but this thing was a lot bigger.

    A bit disheartened I thought I would troll out to the deep water and try to find some new ground to bottom fish on another trip and possibly jag a Mahi mahi at the same time. Around 80m I came across an incredible pinnacle loaded with fish. Initially I just marked it for the future but the further I went the better it got. I had to try it. Took a piece off the tuna and dropped a paternoster down. By now the wind was fairly strong so just held the position in reverse as best I could. There was no current and 3/4 pound lead was plenty. First drop 2 nice pearlies, 2nd drop 2 more and third drop is time to go home. Quick clean up and heading home at midday.

    Only saw 2 other boats all day, 1 trawler anchored up and 1 travelling pleasure boat.Click image for larger version. 

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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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    Re: Cape Moreton 13/02/2018

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    Great conditions until about 1100 then the wind got up a bit

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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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    Re: Cape Moreton 13/02/2018

    I would appreciate any guidance people could offer regarding when to avoid the Cape. I have had some great trips up and around the Cape, leaving from Brisbane.
    Recently we copped some shocking conditions, which I didn't predict. I recall the wind was a Westerly, maybe 10 to 15knts. The tide was running out, but not a particularly big tide. However the conditions we experienced were the worst I have seen.
    Anything in particular I should be looking out for?
    Thanks, C.

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    Re: Cape Moreton 13/02/2018

    Great post. I was out there on Sunday and saw a boat like yours trolling in a south-north line around 60 metres near the trawler you mentioned but I think you are saying you were out Saturday Swell was bigger and sloppier than expected and being a novice I had trouble finding the reefs due to lack of boats out there even though I (apparently) have the right cords. I also leave from Caloundra so will hopefully see you out there sometime.

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    Re: Cape Moreton 13/02/2018

    Hi BaysideDrew, no mate that wasnít me. I havenít been out for a few weeks. Heading out for a look on Thursday. Leaving Caloundra again and hopefully will have something to post.

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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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