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    Woody Point Jetty

    Hi Folks,

    As the Commonwealth Games coming, I think I'd better to head north for fishing fun.

    I am thinking about woody point jetty. I fished there for twice in last 2 years. Could anyone provide some updates for the following please?

    1. timing - Should I fish on the jetty at outgoing or incoming tide?
    2. green zone - I assume green zone does not impact on the jetty. Am I right?
    3. Worth crabbing - I brought my pots last time. But only got a couple undersized sandies. I ended up with empty hands. Should I try it again?
    4. Species - I know summer might not be the best fishing season. Were there still any bream, flathead or pikes around recently?

    Any tips will be appreciated.


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    Re: Woody Point Jetty

    If it is low tide around sunset fish the incoming tide to the east for snapper.
    Unweighted pillie halves cast as far as possible towards tangalooma.
    control the slack as the tide pushes your bait back towards you.
    Fish about 1.3rd the way out on the jetty, there is a rocky bank there the snapper come past at times.
    Generally fish it about 2 hours after low tide at night.

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    Re: Woody Point Jetty

    Thank you very much, Jack.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: Woody Point Jetty

    Some big bream at times casting underneath the jetty, anywhere along as long as tide is up.
    The boys are still getting the odd shark off the end of the jetty also
    Dad reckons fishing is 10% brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck.

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    Re: Woody Point Jetty

    Thank you very much, kingcray.

    Good to know good sized bream are still around.

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