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    Hi all. Heading over to the Maldives early May for a 7 day stint. Staying at Hudharan Fushi, Ardraan Resort.Late wedding anniversary treat for me and the wife, no kids😆😆. Will be hitting the waves as they are no more than a stones throw from accommodation but also want to tick a few fish off the list. Anyone been over or can make comment?

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    i'm down south mate, on the last Atoll, Addu Atoll at the Shangri-La, I work here.
    Like most resorts, they will want your cash, so probably won't want you going out on non resort boats.... bit of a pain. But send them a message and ask if there are local charters. You are close to a lot of uninhabited areas, so fishing should be awesome, but don't rely on their gear... it is still a primitive fishing country where jigging is only new. around your island you'll get doggies, wahoo, mahi, sailfish etc. It is not prime in May but depending on how much fishing is done there it could be still good, further north the fishing is best.
    enjoy your holiday!

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    Thanks mate, my missus also works over their. She is flying in first for work then I come over a few days later for some fun. Her contacts over their have sorted me out on a charter but have no idea with who. Hoping it's not on the sunset fishing as advertised on website as sounds a bit touristy. Those fish you have mentioned are Def what I want to chase. Can you recommend a charter? And also is early May favorable weather wise for the waves, particularly Lohis left, straight out from where we are staying.
    Much appreciated.

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    hi mate.
    no idea on the waves, just depends on the weather as usual. As for what charter, it's pretty hard to find these things out as hotels are pretty cagey about giving up any info on 3rd parties as they lose money lol. The Maldives is a pretty big area aswell, i'm 600 odd kms away from the capital of Male, lots of water between us and the capital!
    let us know how you go. I've been here for 2 years.

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    get your mrs to ask around and give her a list of what you want to do, on another island I used to go with my fishing suppliers, they know where to go, and we'd go from sun up to sun down, travelling about 4hrs to the grounds fishing for 4 hours then 4 hrs back to our island, there are real hotspots around and they liked to cruise sleep and then smash the fish, fill boat and sleep on way home.

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