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    Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Any ideas on what it would cost to pay someone to redo stringers, floor and transom plus a pod on a 19ft glass boat?

    Thinking about buying a project but am time poor so would likely pay someone to do it.


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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Mate I had a very professional job done on my Vagabond. Inside out so outer skin stayed on. From memory $2500. I had the floor done on my Haines a long time ago and it was $2k (16 footer). So say $5500 to 7k roughly.


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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    take a deep breath, a slow drink and light a cigar with a $100 bill ....I dont think it likely that the pain would end at $7000K...if it needs stringers floor transom and pod.......These projects can escalate quite quickly...say the petrol tank needs built flotation...etc etc...and at the end its still an old mention of motor and trailer

    I did it with a Haines 565L in 2005.and to me the biggest single question is whether you intend to hang onto the boat for a long time...because for all the time effort and money you want to be sure the end result is the boat you want.....

    I would look at all possible costs associated with getting the boat to where you want it to be,and add it all up so you can develop a worst possible case....after all the boatbuilder can only quote on what he can see...until the floor is up .

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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Ring Arnold's fibreglassing at Hemmant. They do 5 boats at a time and will be able to accurately quote you, probably by just hearing the brand and make.
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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Or do it all yourself and save a ton. Fibreglassing is only expensive due to the labour cost. Material cost isn't a great deal at all.

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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I mite give Arnolds a call and have a chat.

    I wish i had the time to do it myself but I've barely got time to even go fishing of late let alone work on a boat. I've got 2 boats that need a tidy up already sitting down the side of the house.

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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    pay extra for quality work , it's cheaper in the long run and good workmanship is worth every cent in safety.


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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    If you do what you are planning not only will you be time poor, cash poor also. By far the cheapest way to "rebuild" a boat is buy a newer one.

    A 3/4 width pod with duckboards will be approximately 9k. Transom 5k. Stringers and floor 10k. Combining pod and transom, as should be done would probably be about 12k. By the time the boat is fully rebuilt and looking new, it will cost the same as a brand new bare hull. Expect 35k to make it look factory showroom again.

    A quick fixer up will be about half of the above estimates.

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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Mate it pays to shop around. I had 2 very good young blokes do a very professional job on my 21 footer transom per above post. Just found receipt and it was $2630 including GST and included a full boat detail and removing and refitting bungs, ski hooks etc. It was a few years ago but still an excellent job and value.


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    Re: Costs on rebuilding fibre glass boat?

    Firstly, you should consider if the boat is the right fit for what your use is, if it is, then re doing it makes sense.
    I'm having transom, stringers, floor, plus a new plastic under floor tank fitted, plus my new pod seats fitted and a few extra things done, will come to
    10 - 12 k, that's on a 5.5 mt hull. One advantage of this, is obviously you will know the boat will be structurally sound, and done to the way you want.
    As long as the guys doing the job are good.
    The option of just buying a new hull, doesn't really stack up to me, I don't know what a pod would be to get done, but if a new hull is 35k, does it compare to the original hull ? seems to me it wouldn't cost 35k to have all the fibre glass work done to what you want.
    Nothing looks as good as some of these restored older hulls, recon they look superb.
    For me, even with an up coming 4 stroke upgrade and all the fibre glass costs, plus bimini etc etc, including original purchase price, I'm still well short of what a few of my mates have splashed out for more modern boats and mine was tagging along out wide in all the same conditions as they were in.
    But, personal choice comes here, you aren't intending on pre prepping the boat for the fibre glasser i.e cutting the floor out etc as you said you were time
    poor, So if you have the coin to get it done, go for it.

    just my way of thinking


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