Howdy all. The Miami international boat show is hours away, Usually the kick off poiont for all the big brands to release new goodies, features etc. every brand wants to get in on this action any which way they can.

Lowrance has got in early by "announcing" a future software update due in March for its HDS gen3, Carbon and Elite TI range. see press release below. - Moose

Big Sonar Upgrade Coming to Lowrance Displays in March

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of new Lowrance® software for HDS Carbon™, HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti displays. The new software will help anglers find fish easier and faster, see bottom structure in even greater detail, and enjoy simpler navigation.
At the heart of the release is FishReveal™, an exciting new sonar feature that make fish identification even easier; plus significant enhancements to high-frequency StructureScan® HD/3D imaging, the addition of C-MAP® Easy Routing and Navionics® Dock-to-Dock Autorouting capability and a new C-MAP® navigation palette.
The software is scheduled to be released March 10.

HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti

New, FishReveal™ target viewing – combines crystal-clear CHIRP sonar fish targets with superior, high-resolution views of bottom detail, structure and bait fish.

HDS Carbon only
New, High-Visibility Color Scheme - dynamic color range and tone strength result in high-visibility contrast never before seen in scanning fish finders. A wider range of color enhances the near-photographic image of SideScan, DownScan Imaging™, TotalScan™ and StructureScan® HD/3D quality. Nine new color schemes display refined detail showing more fish, more bait schools, improved structure features and dramatic bottom definition.

HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti

C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Dock-to-Dock Autorouting – faster and easier navigation with automatic route planning. Menu activated, the feature automatically plots the shortest and safest course based on a boat’s draft, beam and height, creating a route around a landmass, shoals and other fixed navigational hazards. Feature requires C-MAP MAX-N+ charts or Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.

New, C-MAP Navigation Palette – complementing far more data than other charts, C-MAP charts now get a major upgrade in readability. This becomes most apparent near shore, where the colors used for land, docks, anchorage areas, water, and channels are nicely differentiated and water contour lines are distinct, making it easy to tell where the boat is in relation to a channel, navaid, ledges and drop-offs, or a point of land. The color scheme is much easier on the eye.