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    Haines signature or barcrusher

    Hi guys
    I'm in the market for an all-round boat, something for dams, estuarys and inshore reef work, something i can take the misses and kids out in.
    I'm open to suggestions but i've been looking at the haines signature 485sf and 543sf models aswell as the bar crusher 535xs in side or centre console.
    Would anyone have any info on these models??? Cheers

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    Haines signature or barcrusher

    Canít help you with those boats, but have a look at the Seafarer V-Sea (5 metre) fits into the category of what you are looking for.

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Argue with me here if you like, but the M&K probably won't like a CC. I speak from experience. How big are the kids? Mum will be worried about them falling over the side /getting sunburnt. And Barcrushers are hard-riding, noisy things. So unless they are already acclimatised to a tinny CC, you may put them off boating. If they are small, with even a small cuddy cab like the others you are talking about, they have somewhere to get out of the sun/have a sleep.
    If this really is just a boy's fishing rig, and the family is only on occasionally, you can probably disregard.

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    If you have small kids look up a Yatango 535 allrounder
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Compare the two boats yourself and the Signature wins, HANDS DOWN. High gunnels, sweet ride, max passengers allowed, pride on display. The Barcrusher is a dedicated fishing boat. Nothing more to say.

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Go the signature, much nicer boat for the family and will still be a good fishing rig

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Buying a BC as a family boat is a bit like buying a Land Rover Defender as a family car. Your mates will love it but family won't be having a bar of it, no pun intended.

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Look at Bonito...
    High Quality, custom Sports Fishing Boats.

    'you won't find a better built boat'

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    Re: Haines signature or barcrusher

    Iíve owned both albeit different sizes to what youíre looking at.

    The 560c crusher and a 632f signature. Both were great but as always there is compromise.

    My kids were young when I had the barcrusher and to be honest, kids donít care about ride,dryness etc..bla,bla,bla. They cared if we were going to tangalooma wrecks on the weekend!

    As I got a little older, the appreciation of the ride in a glass boat became more important and honestly I would not go back.

    Both are great Aussie boat builders and whatever you choose, enjoy it!

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