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    I have the following Alvey reels and was wondering whether they were worth anything ?

    450 A3 7 (wooden spool)

    725 c52 Snapper reel
    650 A5 7 Fibreglass.

    One was my first reel and the other two belonged to my father in law. All are in excellent condition and usable but I don't fish the beaches anymore and don't want to give them to a charity shop.
    Can anyone advise please.

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    Re: Reels

    When Alvey announced they were closing all the vales of Alvey reels increased.
    Now they have dropped back to original values.
    Condition is important.
    The 450 A3 I assume is a rosewood spool and is collectable although not rare.
    The other two are not old but very good reels for boat and beach.
    Values are what someone is prepared to pay.
    So hard to say, so 450 A3 $30-50, 725 $40-60, and 650 A5 $25-40.
    Hope this gives you an idea.
    Historian/Collector of Old Sidecast Fishing Reels

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    Re: Reels

    Thanks for the info. Yes it is rosewood and has been kept wrapped up so it is in excellent condition with the original factory shine. The other two have no saltwater damage or corrosion or staining at all. I didn't think they were worth millions but that gives me a ball park figure to work on if and when I sell them.

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