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    new hull design ideas

    Came across this little ship hull on the net-of-things. I wonder if it would translate to smaller vessels.

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    Re: new hull design ideas

    Looks more like a submarine than a boat 😁

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    Re: new hull design ideas

    Thats because we have tunnel vision and can only relate to what we know. Seemed wacky to me too, but then if you think about it, maybe not so dumb. Maybe a way for plate boats to go if it means less bang. Hull designs we are used to go over the wave, this one appears to go through. Thats the modus operandi of "heavy" fiberglass boats, ie HH. So instead of fighting the waves, it partialy absorbs the wave. Food for thought.

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    Re: new hull design ideas

    Be interested to see how they keep the centre of gravity low enough to maintain stability.
    I can see the forward thruster being prone to strikes.

    As far as the plate boat market goes, a 10m boat would not have enough weight to punch through the waves without tending to ride the wave. I can see it being effective on something roughly 8 tonnes or larger though.

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    Re: new hull design ideas

    Easy remedy.
    The Polynesians have been doing it for centuries.
    Lash 2 hulls together.
    They're now called catamarans.

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