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    Boat storage Hervey Bay

    As the title says, I'm heading to Hervey Bay, this Easter with 1+1 and I want to bring my 5.6M boat with me for fishing purpose. We are staying at a place that doesn't facilitate anything over 2.2m. So the boat and 4wd will need to be store somewhere.
    Is there somewhere or someone around Urangan or Torquay that you can leave the boat in a secure area overnight.
    Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    Wayne get in contact with the marina..there is a pretty big lock up car park storage area at the opposite end of public ramp at in down the road that goes from ramp..past boat club and its just past the units..walking distance from ramp..i enquired about it last year.

    cheers jason

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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    Thanks for that, called them today, they are cheap, but the hours are in question. If the had a coded or magnetic swipe security entry that would be awesome, 10-2 on week end is hard to work with.
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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    ok...shit ..I didn't realize that I thought it would be 24hr access

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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    Google Fraser Coast Storage Sheds. I think that is the one I used about 10 years ago. About 5 minutes from the ramp.

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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    Thanks, I sent them a message and see how we go, I might try an approach near by house to rent their front lawn for me for a few nights.
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    Re: Boat storage Hervey Bay

    these guys have 24 hr swipe card access, but not sure if they do short term hire.
    Storage First Hervey Bay  

    10 Southern Cross Circuit, Urangan QLD 4655
    Most guys with a 5m will park on the road and use a wheel clamp and tow ball lock, and have insurance, just dont leave anything in the boat.

    Better yet, park on the water and sleep on the boat!
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